'The messenger bottle' stops at the CEIP Graüll de Xàbia

The journey of the messenger bottle continues its course. This week I stopped at the Graüll school after the students of CEIP Trenc d'Alba of Xàbia delivered to the new center the chest with the bottle that collects the threats and commitments of all the students of Xàbia to improve the state of the sea, as well as good environmental practices.

This action, which is part of the project called 'Missatge in a bottle', carried out by the Oceanogràfic Foundation, tries to make society aware of how to improve the environment and, specifically, the marine environment.

From the Graüll school, throughout this week, students have been working, reflecting and deciding what problems our sea presents and what practices and direct actions can be taken to contribute to improving the planet in general.

The students with this activity have become aware of the lack of reducing disposable plastics (bringing breakfast with lunch boxes or napkins) boc'n'roll, carrying flasks instead of small plastic bottles ...).

Also, students have learned to take care of the environment by collecting garbage from natural spaces in order to build a decalogue to improve our environment and therefore our future and that of animals and nature.

Children's projects

In addition, students from 4 years of Graüll are doing a project of Caballitos de sea ​​and sea turtles, species in danger of extinction with which it has also served to incorporate 'Missatge in a bottle' as a motivating element within the same project. The children have become aware that each time these species are more threatened by humans and the impact we have on the environment.

The students have stressed the importance "To teach everyone that we have to keep beaches and waters clean so as not to put at risk and avoid the extinction of these species".

Next Monday, 15 in April, representatives of CEIP Graüll will deliver the bottle to the school Xàbia International College.

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