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CEIP Trenc d'Alba: location, history and facilities

01 September 2022 - 16: 35
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The College of Infant and Primary Education (CEIP) Trenc d'Alba, was first called Colegio Público Amanecer. It was created in 1984, becoming the third school in Xàbia after the Vicente Tena (now Mediterrània) and José Font, now called Port de Xàbia. The current director is Hugo and the center has more than 200 students enrolled.

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The CEIP Trenc d'Alba started with four units of EGB (General Basic Education) and two for preschool children. The school has grown to the current ten units, three for infant education and seven for primary (in the 2019-2020 academic year). Today, many boys and girls who started school are fathers and mothers of students.

Radio School Dawn

Throughout its history, the Trenc d'Alba school has developed educational activities or projects beyond those that appear in the curriculum, such as Radio School Dawn.


As well Theater displays that were made in the premises of the Jávea cinema, and above all, the musical, with such success that they were even represented outside the municipality. They have a DVD-book, "Viure i conviure: els Musicals a l'escola", in which their experiences in this regard are compiled.


The CEIP Trenc d'Alba has, in the 2022-2023 academic year, 11 classes being one of them, as a novelty in this course, the class for two-year-old boys and girls. The rest of the classes have one classroom per level that ranges from 3-year-olds to 6th grade, with the exception of the third year of primary school, where there are two to exceed the ratio of students per classroom.

The classrooms have:

  • Computer with internet connection and printer
  • DVD and television
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Digital boards

In addition, the school has more, where the food for the dining room service is prepared daily. This school center has started the construction project of a new pavilion for the dining room and a gym, but these works were paralyzed during the 2021-2022 academic year.

On the other hand, the CEIP Trenc d'Alba has a library, which has been redesigned in recent years, giving rise to a pleasant and cheerful reading space.


With regard to the outside area, this school is a pioneer in the municipality for creating, thanks to the educational community, a new patio model. A greener, more inclusive patio that creates ties between the community.

To do this, fathers, mothers and teachers have been working on this since 2019 initiative that makes you enjoy, even more, to children in their leisure time.

The patio, in addition to having a sports court and children's games, has different recreational areas, created by the educational community, in which you are invited to play such as a wooden kitchen, rest area, reading area, green area, cabin , refreshing corridor, etc.


CEIP Trenc d'Alba has several well-known students, such as the tennis player David Ferrer. Also the footballer Xavi Torres, currently in Al-Arabi SC of the Kuwait league, but known in Spain mainly for his seasons at Betis and Levante. In addition, Rafa Andarias, sailor with a great track record.

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