Vicente Tena school seeks a new name

The CEIP School Council Vicente Tena approved to join, like other public schools, the change of name for contravening the Historical Memory Law. Vicente Tena was a man involved in the Civil War. Therefore, this week, the educational center has started a collection of ideas in which members of the educational community contribute their proposals, depositing their opinion in the ballot box installed at the entrance of the school.

Family members and children have until November 11 to deliver their new name ideas. Once the deadline is over, the School Council will take note of the proposals, which will be passed to the Municipal Council and then to the City Council.

From school they join this initiative, «Because the center is a renovated school and together we get the school we want for the 21st century».

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Comments on "Vicente Tena School seeks a new name"


  1. No lime:

    The names of the schools, of the streets and squares, ... just as they are put on, removed, changed, ... and nothing happens.
    But in this case, what I can't share are the reasons.
    Why is that school called that? The reason was simply to have the ideals he had? For being from one side or another? If that was why, there were thousands of people who deserved it.
    Is it not that he was named after the tragic way he died? or better, because of the way he was "killed" ???
    Vicente Tena was a victim, like many others of one side and another, of his ideals.
    But the worst of this is that, from what I see and despite the fact that the school bears his name, there are many people who are unaware of the fatal outcome of this man, of this neighbor of this town.
    Vicente Tena was killed by people from this same town, from his town, who played as children in the same streets as their parents, brothers, children, ... shared life together ... And precisely because of that, not to forget, it is because what should not change the name, ... but it seems that it has already been forgotten, ...
    I will not explain here the circumstances of his death, it is not the place. But I encourage everyone, especially members of the school community, of the school board, who want to change their name, to be informed of it. And once they know, change the name if they want, if they think it's fair. but they will know that the name he put on was not because of the ideals he had, but because of the vile way in which he was murdered.

  2. Juanvi Mata:

    There are people who take their sleep away with Historical Memory. I understand and my family was a witness to that Franco oppression that forced them to submit and abandon principles and ideals for fear of being punished by phalangeal and dictatorial rage.
    But I also believe that we must forgive and give value to the present and the values ​​we want to give our children.
    The change of name does not open wounds of the past, most of us were not aware who Vicente Tena was, creates new wounds and makes known a non-existent resentment to date towards a name, which in particular does not remind me of a falangist professor, It reminds me of the 80, it reminds me of games in the yard, irreplaceable moments, friends of yesteryear.
    If you decide to change the name, and relieve those hearts bitter by resentment, a server will not know sour, because each one has his own truth about life ... for me they will continue to be Vicente Tena, Jose Font, Dawn and the Nuns.

  3. Miquel:

    No Erika, the memory of fascism - with which you are so comfortable - is no stupidity. Fight the footprints of the criminals of History, of the military dictatorship, of those who knife millions of Spaniards, who robbed full hands, condemned this country to delay, stole children, took over what was public, deported , purged and tortured is no small thing. Let's see if you study a little more, my dear.

    • Erika:

      Miquel, why don't you say what the, according to you, did so good, decent, affectionate, and honest communists and socialists? I am not comfortable, as you throw me in the face, with the supposed fascist history, in fact, I do not agree more than with the authentic History. In a war, and more in a civil war, everyone is capable of barbarity, but not only one of the parties. I already tell you, review History, I have studied it thoroughly. And I keep saying that changing the name of a school, a street or whatever, for pure revenge, when that school - in this particular case - has much more important problems, it still seems stupid. I feel you don't like what I say, but I would like you to also tell what "the others" did, the "good ones" (according to you, of course). And then you answer me. Thank you.

  4. Erika:

    What a stupid thing! Don't they have better issues to improve, such as the leaks that this school permanently suffers when it rains? Please devote yourself to doing things well and stop changing names, that the supposed "historical memory" is more false than Judas. Let's see if they teach history at school (with capital letters) for real and not what they have invented!


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