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Benitatxell increases the offer of sports activities with the change of management

18 September 2020 - 11: 42

Sports management takes a new course in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. The mayor, Miguel Ángel García; the councilor for sports, Toni Colomer; the new head of the sports offer and president of the Multiesport Club,
Juan Zaragozí; the director of the Grassroots Football School, Celso Alcázar, and the coordinator of schools and activities, Adrián Pastor, met last Wednesday to present all the news in this area.

As the City Council announced a few weeks ago, associations and clubs will now take over the sporting offer. This means that they will offer the classes independently, without the intervention of the council, so users will pay the fees directly to them. For now, the Multiesport Club and the Grassroots Football Club will be in charge of managing the entire offer, although work is already under way to expand it for the
next season and add more sports associations. On the other hand, the pool will continue to be municipally managed, although with a renewed management.

With this change, the government aspires to significantly reduce expenses without influencing the service. “Last year we began to take measures at the operational level, and this year, after the situation we have experienced with Covid-19, we believed that it was time to take action on the matter and bet on a change to improve economic efficiency . It is a very thoughtful and studied decision that will allow us to move towards a more sustainable and responsible model with the money of all citizens”, Assured the mayor.

The numbers speak for themselves. Last year 2019-2020, with income of 34.295 euros and expenses of 105.500,52 euros, the council coffers had losses of 68.629,89 euros. Now, with an annual endowment through a collaboration agreement of 15.000 euros to the Grassroots Football Club and 28.000 euros to the Multiesport Club,
Annual expenses will amount to 33.000 euros, more than 50% less than the previous year. In addition, this year the Amateur Soccer Club is also joining with a new team for adults. This club will be financed with 10.000 euros.

Thus, it is not only possible to reduce expenses considerably, but the sports offer is increased. “These changes are the result of a new way of looking at public management and politics. Never before had there been concern about what was being spent or was not being spent or about the viability of the sports offer, but with this saving of 50% we will guarantee that this service is sustainable in the long term, since the fact that it is less deficit is a guarantee that it will continue for many years. By the way I was going before we could have had problems "García explained, who remarked that this year this new system will be very much on top of this new system to ensure that everything is going well and implement changes if necessary.


Regarding the annual quota of users, it has experienced a slight increase. From 110 euros it will cost 125 euros for those registered and 145 for users from other neighboring municipalities. For the first time there is a difference between registered and non-registered, something that according to the Sports Councilor "It is positive because it rewards the townspeople". In addition, there is a 20% discount for both the second sport and for large families or retirees.

Sports offer

As the directors of the two associations in charge of the sports offer, Juan Zaragozí and Celso Alcázar, broke down, it remains the same as last year with some new features this year. The Multiesport Club offers classes tennis, paddle tennis, golf, karate, competitive swimming, futsal, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, triathlon, aquathlon, pilates, maintenance gymnastics, gap, zumba and, as a novelty this year, capoeira and MMA (Mixed Matrial Arts).

For its part, the Base Soccer Club offers classes from the Cherub category (born between 2015 and 2016) to Infant (2007/2008). Registration for the Soccer School can be done until September 30 at the club's facilities, and until October 5 at the pool for the Multiesport Club activities. It will be necessary to download the registration form from the municipal website https://www.elpoblenoudebenitatxell.com and take it filled out.

Another novelty is the extension of the hours of the municipal swimming pool, which will open uninterruptedly from 8:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday ‒ before it opened at 9:00 a.m. and from 10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. on Saturdays. The swimming courses will continue to be municipal management.

Security measures against Covid-19

Given the new scenario, the sports coordinators explained that security measures will be taken against Covid-19. The mask will be necessary to access all municipal facilities, and several laser thermometers will be purchased to take the temperature. In addition, the pool will have a very strict bathing protocol and will accommodate very small groups of maximum 6 people.

Improvements in sports infrastructures

The person in charge of the area, Toni Colomer, took the opportunity to advance some of the works and improvements that are being carried out in the sports facilities. A new classroom is being fitted out at the top of the soccer field building and a new referee changing room is underway. A new parking lot with about 100 more spaces and a pedestrian access will also be enabled. “We have a long-term plan to gradually improve the sports facilities. These two small but important actions will be ready in a few weeks, but later there will be more improvements that aim to concentrate all the sports offer in the same space "Colomer concluded.

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