Arsènic launches his first album, 'Preparem la Invasió', this coming Sunday

The rock group of Xàbia, Arsènic, starts a new stage with the release of their first album, 'Preparem Invaded. After the success obtained with his first single 'Terra Cremada', Arsènic is launched into the musical world with a total of nine tracks, «Own songs that show our evolution since we started, makes 6 years, and follow our claim line as in our first single», explained Javi Miragall to Xà

'Preparem Invaded will be released this coming Sunday, 14 July. Your first release will be through free digital platforms «And a little later it will be physically for those who want to acquire it», they review the components of the rock group.

Arsènic points out that this new work is born of concern «And see that with work we are able to make a record. It is not a conceptual album. In each theme we reflect our vision of different current political issues without following a defined line »says the band.

For the group of Xàbia it is difficult to highlight a song of the new album, although they mention the theme 'Month Enllà', «It was our first subject. We wrote it when we studied 3º of ESO. Although the lyrics are the same, if this song shows the great musical evolution we have had since 2013 until today », concretely Miragall.

Arsènic has had the help and experience of On Tracks Studio of Pego to launch this first work, «We appreciate the patience and work of Rafa. We entered the studio without experience to record our first single and from there we learned a lot. Now, for the album, the recording work has been easier for us », says Arsènic.

Now, the 13 members that form Arsènic, on stage: Sergi Gisbert (Voice and Dulzaina), Javier Miragall (Guitar and Voice), Àlex Moragues (Guitar), Luis García (Trumpet), Héctor Mut (Trombone), Pere Tent ( Bajo) and Juan Vallés (Battery) and in the backstage: Pau Salvador (lights), Javier Piles and Manel Guardiola (store of merchandising), Elena Reduan (graphic design of the album) and Simón Buigues and Víctor Torres (photography and video clips), hope to make their first work known to everyone. In fact, the next August 15 will sing live, their nine songs, at the Lliber parties.

This coming Sunday, 14 for July will be, for Arsènic, the beginning of new projects, "We have new concerns that we hope to announce shortly. Now we are only waiting for the same acceptance of the album as that collected with Terra Cremada. "

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