Theater, concert and equal to commemorate Women's Day

8 next March Day commemorates Working Women and the Department of Equality Xàbia City Council has prepared a program of events for several days remember the importance of work on equality for a fairer society. The 8 March at 20 hours, the House...

Women in the region are demanding equality policies in Xàbia

Xàbia hosted last weekend the day for Equality "The rights of women in times of crisis", organized by the Xarxa de Dones de Marina Alta and the Department of Equality. The sociologist Teresa Yeves and the professor in analysis of the economy María Luisa Moltó, analyzed the causes of...

Live Xàbia celebrates its general assembly

Live Xàbia held next Friday February 22, its General Assembly in the House of Culture. Among the agenda items be desatacar the renewal of the Board of Directors to be held after approval of reports treasury secretary and president and modification of the bylaws.

Talk to encourage the habit of reading

School Parent Institute will organize a conference to promote the habit of reading in the family. The talk will be given by Bromera Foundation director, Josep A. Fluixà.

Success in the first guided tour of Friends of the Museu de Xàbia

More than 70 people last weekend to the guided tour organized by Amics del Museu de Xàbia to the Chapel of Popul signed up. The municipal archaeologist and director of the Museu, Ximo Bolufer and archaeologist Josep Castelló hikers explained the history and architecture of the chapel as well as...

Talks to advise on legal resident aliens

There are many questions that are presented to foreign residents who come to Xàbia and to realize in the office of Foreign Resident Support (Help Desk) of the City. Therefore Óscar Antón department has organized a series of talks aimed at both professionals and foreign residents...

Conference on education by Pedro García of the TV program «Big Brother»

Pedro Garcia Aguado hold a conference on education in Jávea. The talk will focus on how to learn to educate and called "How to make our children happy people". Brown will accompany Francisco Mena high school teacher and specialist in school failure and behavior disorders in adolescents.

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