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Xàbia joins, one more year, 'Earth Hour'

29 March 2019 - 01: 04

Xàbia will add another year to Earth Hour, a symbolic action to be held on Saturday 30 in March to draw attention to the problem of climate change and promote sustainable lifestyles.

The xabiero City Council is one of the 422 municipalities of the State and almost 7500 citizens that will turn off the light between the 20: 30 and 21: 30 hours, although the movement is much broader since it involves 188 countries.

The building that will remain in the dark will be the Town Hall. Likewise, all citizens are encouraged to join in and turn off the lights in their homes or businesses for an hour. Since Earth Hour several challenges are also proposed to undertake in a personal way such as a day without meat, a day without plastic or a day without generating CO2 emissions.

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