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Xàbia announces a Camela concert to welcome the summer

07 March 2023 - 14: 31

The Xàbia Department of Fiestas and the Fogueres commission have advanced one of the most powerful musical performances of the upcoming Sant Joan festivals. This is the first concert of this year's festivities, the culmination of the night of the proclamation, and will be given by the popular group Camela, inventors of the techno-rumba style and an entire social phenomenon.

The performance will be in the Plaza de la Constitución on Saturday, June 10, with free access and will begin at the end of the act of proclamation of the fifth and queen of Fogueres 2023 (around 00:00-00:30 at night).

The veteran duo formed by Ángeles and Dioni will stop at Xàbia with the tour of their latest album May the music be with you and their greatest hits ever.

The person in charge of Celebrations, Kika Mata, has highlighted the great pull that Camela has, a group that fills up wherever it goes and always creates a great atmosphere, so it will be a perfect way to start the 2023 Fogueres with a bang.

  1. Manual says:


  2. mercedes sanz says:

    I see the poster and after laughing a lot, I imagine that this must also cost money, Camela, a group that is elegant and knows how to be typical of those places with style, Monaco, the best coves in Menorca and places like that , surely they enjoy the latest from Camela.

    Thank you very much for such a wise choice, I am sure that all the foreigners who live in Jáveo, which I remind you are the majority, will be delighted with such an exquisite choice.

    I see that they have already congratulated the councilor on duty, I join in that applause, also to her prompt salary increase, without a doubt more than deserved.

    Great job, hard to match.

    • Ignacio says:

      The foreigners who live here have to integrate into society, so Camela double ration. I don't understand where the problem is. If we have to put up with so-called rock groups that are to cry about mediocrity, what about Camela? This is not the Costa Azul with its clean and perfumed streets, with its perfectly maintained beaches, planted with hammocks and pergolas ordered by color and with all the services, this is not even a simple Menorcan cove with its little Zen techno chill out music, in a boho chic environment with its colorful cocktails, breathing modernity and expensive perfume.
      This is Xabia Camela level. Enjoy it!

  3. Amazed says:

    The councilor's comment is gold.
    Your job is great, poorly paid, you should be paid more, double or triple.


    • Ignacio says:

      And on top of that they have the nose to say that the concert is free, come on, Camela is only waiting for "the will" of the City Council.

    • castella stranger says:

      The first thing to say is that I don't like Camela but I think that in this life you have to respect others and their tastes and I have to say that the group had and has a pull. If they hired anyone else, the same thing would happen, so live and let live.