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The Cursa de la Dona de Xàbia returns with the traditional route and in person

February 09 from 2022 - 14: 48

After the two-year break due to the pandemic, the Cursa de la Dona de Xàbia will once again fill the streets of the town with atmosphere. It will be next, March 20, when the starting signal will be given to this non-comxicotetive test that is already celebrating its fourteenth edition.

All registered women will take to the streets of Xàbia to travel the 5km with a double objective, to give visibility to women's sport and solidarity. And it is that, this year, the proceeds will go, as always, to two associations: Condenados al Curb and INCLIVA.

In addition, as a novelty of this edition, the traditional itinerary will be resumed with its passage through the port of Xàbia, according to the president of the Llebeig Athletics Club of Xàbia, Madelane Powell. Madelane has added that the start will be "at 10 am from the athletics track and will head towards the port of Xàbia passing through the Triana Bridge to start the tour through the historic center of Xàbia until its arrival back on the track".

On the other hand, this year it is active again, 'the zero row' designed for all those people who want to collaborate financially in the cause and cannot participate, as well as the contribution of men.


Registration will be open from February 10 until days before the Course and can be done both in person and online through the website www.somesport.com.

The president of the Club has indicated that three establishments (Inmobiliaria Llidomar, Decuero and Esports Colau) will be the points to register in person with the contribution of 5 euros.

The Cursa de la Dona, open to all ages and that can be done both running and walking, has 1000 bibs available and will continue with all current health measures. The delivery of the shirts and numbers for all registered people will be on Friday, March 18 or, the same day of the race, one hour before its start.

Both Powell and the Councilor for Equality, Montse Villaverde, who also collaborates in this event, have encouraged all citizens to participate in this act in which different prizes will also be raffled among the participants thanks to the contributions of local businesses.

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