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Xàbia summer cultural events suspended

27 2020 April - 11: 09

The Commission of Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto has decided to suspend the XXIV edition of the Living Chess of Xàbia which is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of July. With this decision, the Commission wants to be prudent and consistent with the current health emergency situation and take extreme precautions in order not to contribute to a spike in infections once the state of alarm is lifted and it begins to recover, little by little. , The normality.

Along with this cancellation, as indicated by the Councilor for Culture, the Àgora Actual Percussió, Música a l'Estiu and Xàbia Jazz festivals are also canceled, as well as the performing arts cycle on the Circ a Xàbia rides.

The mayor stressed that behind these events, in addition to the economic investment, there are many hours of work and preparation, so the great risk that they will not finally be held, has made them prefer to focus their efforts on editing the 2021.

In the event that circumstances allow it, the department would try to program some small-scale action to culturally enrich the social life of the municipality.

Culture thus adds to the announcements made in reference to the festivities of the coming months: the celebrations of the Nazarene, that of San Francisco de Paula, the International Festival and the Moors and Christians.

El Javea Town Hall You will allocate part of the resources you save with the cancellation of all these events to the economic reactivation and employment plans.

24th Living Chess

The Comissió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto, responsible for the organization of Living Chess, considered a Festival of National Tourist Interest, indicates that this event gathers, each year, more than a thousand people in
the moment of its representation and brings together dozens of families, members of the Commission and collaborators; around the tests and preparations that are carried out during the previous months. Obviously, and in accordance with health recommendations, the Comissió de Festes cannot favor the occurrence of this type of meetings and crowds in a period in which we are called to social responsibility and which is of vital importance to contain the spread of COVID-19.

On the other hand, the preparation of an event of the magnitude of Living Chess is not the result of a single day or a couple of months. Its uniqueness, creativity and originality; they are the result of the altruistic work of practically a whole year that increases from the month of May when the trials with children and adolescents begin; that embody each of the characters and tiles on the chessboard.

Given the state of alarm, the work of scenographic creation, costume design and preparation, musical and choreographic composition, selection of materials, logistics, external collaborations and others; they are not being able to develop with the usual normality for safety and prevention of their managers and work teams.

This stop in the consolidated trajectory of Living Chess only increases the desire of the Comissió de Festes to surprise again with a great staging in 2021 coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the festivities in honor of the Mare de Déu de Loreto. A new opportunity to value a pioneering initiative in Xàbia that advocates for the local and own cultural creation, sport, children and youth of the municipality and that invites reflection and awareness among the public on social, historical and environmental causes .

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