Simulates that your car is stolen after an accident and cause serious damage

The Civil Guard has arrested a man in Calpe for simulation of crime, as he falsely claimed to have been the victim of the theft of his car, which appeared injured, abandoned in the middle of a public road in an urbanization of the municipality.

A neighbor of Calpe reported that, at dawn of the 8 day to the 9 in June, he had been the victim of the theft of his vehicle, which appeared injured on a street in the Pla Roig Urbanization, of that same town, causing a series of serious damage, both in the vehicle itself, and in a wall of a private property of said calpina urbanization.

The tourism was abandoned in the place, unused, with serious and obvious damage, caused by the accident, so it was necessarily removed from the road, to be able to restore circulation and then transferred to the municipal vehicle depot in Calpe.

The agents of the Investigation Area of ​​the Civil Guard of said municipality took charge of the investigation of the facts, noticing, immediately, of a series of incongruities between what was reported by the injured party and the reality thrown out by the evidence.

The agents contacted again the alleged victim who, finally, confessed the truth, confirming that he had lied in his complaint and that it was he himself who had injured his vehicle, later abandoning it and inventing a version that did not incriminate him in the incident, to try to avoid their civil and patrimonial responsibilities.

For all these reasons, the alleged victim of the theft was detained for an alleged offense against the Administration of Justice (for simulation of crime). The detainee, a Moroccan citizen of 21 years, has already become available
judicial, being released with charges, awaiting trial.

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Comments on "Simulates that your car is stolen after an accident and cause serious damage"


  1. Fernando:

    SO NOSVA ERIKA. The permissiveness and the hypocritical goodness of our laws with the acquiescence of our incomparable GOVERNANTS is TOTAL.DE PENA ....

  2. Erika:

    And another one that is free, this time a Moroccan! But what does Justice expect to do justice? Why are they not put in jail, forced to pay all damages, and then expelled from Spain? Why are they Moroccans, Algerians or similar countries? Well, this crowd doesn't interest us in Spain, with our criminals we have enough. And I don't care if my comment is considered "politically incorrect," an indecent mob is invading us.


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