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Address / LocationCalle Salvador Salvá, 6, Bajo. Passage Avenida Amanecer, 37 (see map)
Opening timesDriver Recognition: Monday 17 to 20 16 hours and Thursday: 30 20 to: 30 hours
Business typeAcademies, body analysis, Beauty centers, medical certificates, Plastic surgery, Clinic Aesthetic Medicine, Private clinic, cosmetics, Dermatology, doctors, Esthetic, Esthetic, Alternative Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Specialist doctors

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polyclinic CUME It is a clinical center specializing in beauty and health that has a great team of professionals with Dr. Freya Belló Lozano and Dr. Eladio Ayala Vicedo as doctors and cosmetic surgeons.

Body and facial treatments

CUME Polyclinic offers a wide variety of aesthetic facial and body treatments among them, for varicose veins (cryosclerosis and foam sclerosis), lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, for expression wrinkles (Botox), Mesoplasty with own growth factors (infiltration of platelets and vitamins) or threads of suspension to achieve the lifting effect.

They also perform stretch mark treatment with radiofrequency, Dermoroller, platelets, LPG (massage to mold your body and improve your circulation with a body draining effect), ozone and radiofrequency for facial revitalization or ANDULATION to balance cells, improve muscle performance, relieve pain or improve sleep.

In addition, they also have treatment to move all body water and improve muscle pain and vibrating platforms with individualized classes and personal training.
And if you want to eliminate acne, perform a treatment with blue LED or for a facial revitalization with red LED.

Among the laser treatments, they have Q-Switched Laser with carbon for the removal of blackheads, acne marks or scars, tattoos and blemishes, and Multi-diode laser for the removal of ruby ​​spots, varicose veins and hair removal. In addition, they have IPL for hair removal.

Medical examination for drivers

CUME Polyclinic also has in its facilities the Center Driver Recognition Jávea for cars, cranes, weapons, dangerous animals, boats and private security. For driver examinations it is not necessary to bring photographs as they are taken instantly. On the contrary, for the other recognitions it is necessary to take photography.

In addition they can also carry out the direct processing of the driving license. The schedule is Thursday of 16: 30 h. to 21: 00 h. in Salvador Salvá Street, 6, Bajo. Passage Avenida Amanecer, 37 (Jávea).

In Polyclinic CUME take care of your body and your health. Request your appointment at 96 579 23 24.

Calle Salvador Salvá, 6, Bajo. Passage Avenida Amanecer, 37

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Comments on "Polyclinic CUME"


  1. Marlies:

    How much does Hifu treatment cost for cheeks and around the mouth?
    Thanks for a quick response


      Good afternoon,
      The HIFU treatment for the face has a budget of 300 euros.


      It is complicated without seeing it and see what you need, sometimes, if only fat is left with injections is solved if there is much flaccidity is a cervical lift that is performed under general anesthesia, prices can range from 100 to 5000 €. the informative consultation is without obligation.

  2. Ana:

    Hello, to reduce or eliminate scars from tummy tucks and breast reduction scars, keloids are not, rather they are dark, they make this treatment? many sessions are approx. and what the cost, Greetings

    • Dra. Freya Belló Lozano:

      Good morning, these scars can improve laser, peeling, dermabrasion ... but we have to see them better inform you, make a free consultation and certainly we approach what you need, greetings

  3. Philip Rogers:

    we are coming to Spain 16th Have 21st April and we would like varicose veins removed can you give me prices Please

    • Dra. Freya Belló Lozano:

      Good morning, our prices are 60 euros for small varicose veins session and 100-300 Euro large varicose veins. Best regards

    • Dra. Freya Belló Lozano:

      Good afternoon Carmen,
      Platelets do sessions with monthly radio with a cost of EUR 100 and 4 normally do on-6 sessions.
      Between sessions platelet Radiofrequency we do a session with vitamins, with a cost of 60 euros.

  4. Marta:


    Radiofrequency is the laser? You have some other type dermabrasion treatment for stretch marks or similar? And natural remedies or homemade creams prepare yourselves?

    Thank you!!

  5. Dr. Eladio Ayala Vicedo:

    We treat stretch marks infiltration platelet factor own growth and complement radiofrequency
    They can make white streaks as it is the only way to stimulate the central area.

    • Dra. Freya Belló Lozano:

      Good afternoon Jean,
      slimming have several non-invasive treatments: LPG, endermologie, Cavitation, Mesotherapy, Massage, personalized diet, ...


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