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New school measures against the coronavirus alert

25 March 2020 - 17: 12

The Government and the educational representatives of the autonomous communities have agreed today, Wednesday, to apply new exceptional school measures in view of the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the tests that most concern students is the Selectivity, an exam that has been agreed to be postponed until the end of June or the beginning of July, as classes are currently suspended.

As they have communicated, the test will have to be done between June 22 and July 10 the ordinary call and before September 10 the extraordinary. It should be remembered that in the Valencian educational system, the tests were called for the second week of June, from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 in ordinary call, while the extraordinary was to be held the second week of July, from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 .


On the other hand, at the Sectoral Conference on Education they have decided to propose at the education union table next Friday to postpone the calendar of competitions in teaching positions for one year.

In the case of the Valencian educational system, the Secondary exams and other bodies, which had to start on June 18, would be postponed until June 2021. It should be remembered that these are 4.295 places, of which 3.575 are freely accessible . Likewise, the oppositions foreseen in 2021 for Infant and Primary would be postponed to 2022.

School calendar 2019-2020

In the Valencian educational system, the established calendar for the 2019-2020 academic year is maintained on the dates set for completion, as planned. Therefore, for Infant and Primary students, the course ends on June 18; and for ESO, Bachillerato and FP students on June 16. At the moment, the date of incorporation to the face-to-face classes will depend on the health alert.

FP practices

At the Sectorial Conference on Education, it has also been agreed that the duration of the FCT, which as a general rule is 400 hours of internships in companies, will pass exceptionally to the minimum contemplated in the basic regulations: 220 hours.

Likewise, it has been decided to integrate the FCT in the End of Cycle Project module so that the objectives associated with the work environment can be addressed. This measure will affect both Basic FP, as well as medium and higher grade.

With regard to the entrance exams to intermediate or higher vocational training for those who do not have the necessary academic requirements, it has been agreed to postpone them as necessary, following what the health authorities are marking.

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