Improve your sports practice with massage and acupuncture in BONAVIDA

En BONAVIDA They are aware that sport is part of the lives of many people, so they want to make known that therapies such as massage or acupuncture are great allies for those who practice sports. Look at all the advantages that these therapies can give you.

Preventive benefits of acupuncture and massage

Both massage and acupuncture are therapies that can be used before and after exercising. Most of us know its use when injuries of any kind occur, however the role played by these therapies at the time of physical training of avoid injuries to improve recovery.

Physical preparation is the process that a person follows to achieve a sporting goal. In this aspect, massage is important for eliminate muscle and joint overloads that occur in the body when we increase the intensity or amount of training, and thus avoid injuries. On the other hand, acupuncture is used to speed up or slow down metabolism, as well as for help gain muscle mass, Oa increase performance and relieve tiredness.

Advantages of post therapy

When an athlete has done an overexertion, such as a competition, massage and acupuncture help to relax the muscles and joints and decrease muscle fatigue, facilitating a faster recovery. A tip for people who play sports regularly, whether they are competitive athletes or not: treating periodically with therapies such as massage and acupuncture helps prevent injuries and move towards the sporting goals they want to achieve. If injuries still appear, they should be treated as soon as possible to avoid their chronification.

If you practice sports, in BONAVIDA you have an ally to take care of yourself and help you achieve your sporting goals. Contact them on the 640 84 30 47 phone, or visit them on Rei Jaume I Avenue, 23, 2º, 5 Gate. BONAVIDA is a Center of Natural Therapies, and its treatments are focused on improving your physical and psycho-emotional well-being so that you can live a unique experience.

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