The Black Tarantula occupies the pools of Xàbia, have you found one?

For a few days, Xà Has received several comments about the appearance of new and large black spiders in the pools. Apparently, this type of arachnid is harmless and only appears in the summer season, but it is clear that its presence is not pleasant.

After the alarm of some readers before the appearance of this animal, we have requested information to the municipal biologist of Xàbia, Ignaci Astor, who has provided all the details. «It is the black spider or black tarantula, very common in the country houses, that come out of their hiding places when they squeeze the heat to drink water», Explains the biologist.

Astor adds that it is normal to find them in the swimming pools or irrigation areas «And usually drowned». On the dangerousness of this arachnid, the biologist claims that it is harmless, "They can bite with their chelicerae if they are surprised or bothered. The bite is annoying and there are known cases of inflammation in sensitive people ».

And although this animal has a bad reputation for its appearance, «It is very useful in houses for their diet of insects because they keep them clean», Argues the Xàbia biologist.

And you have found one?

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Comments on "The Black Tarantula occupies the pools of Xàbia, have you found any?"


  1. David:

    I have them in a place of my company, in picassent, they appeared near where there is humidity, next to it there is a field ... and today it is hot, but these days it rained

  2. Fatima:

    Yes, we have always seen them floating in the pool of three up every day .. we never see them alive ..

    • Encarna Martínez Oliveras:

      Well be careful ... They are not dead! It is a defense mechanic to feel vulnerable, but in fact they are alive. That's why they're more dangerous too.


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