HLA San Carlos expands its services with the new Plastic Surgery Unit

HLA San Carlos Dénia expands its services with the creation of the new Plastic Surgery Unit that brings together the specialties of breast surgery, temporal contour, facial and intimate aesthetics. The new unit will be directed by Dr. Márquez, plastic surgeon of HLA San Carlos.

Breast surgery

As explained from the hospital center, the new area of ​​breast surgery includes complex breast surgery (mammary asymmetry, tuberous breast, mammary malformation and secondary breast), increase of autologous breast (with lipotransference and adipose tissue implant), breast augmentation prosthetic (submammary, periareolar, laparoscopic: axial, umbilical), maxtopexy and reductive mammoplasty (with personalized pattern of reduced incisions).

Temporary contour surgery

For its part, in the area of ​​temporal contour surgery, the 3D lipomodelation treatment is incorporated, remodeling the body silhouette by extracting and reinjecting the patient's own fat. This allows you to fill the deficit or sunken areas and reduce the fatty clusters, harmonizing the body or facial silhouette. And also, post-bariatric surgery (abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, phlenoplasty, cruroplasty, etc.)

Another of the specialties is facial surgery that includes facial rejuvenation (lifting-lipofilling), rhinoplasty (aesthetic and reconstructive) and otoplasty, surgery that resolves deformities of the ear. The most frequent otoplasty is the operation of detached ears.

Intimate cosmetic surgery

Finally, intimate aesthetic surgery includes the set of interventions, aesthetic and restorative, that can be carried out in the genital area of ​​women. Among them are labioplasty, liposuction of the mons pubis, vaginoplasty, clitoriplasty and hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction. The most common is labioplasty, which "consists of the modification-reduction of the lips of the vagina," says Dr. Márquez.

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