Óscar Bento painting exhibition

Start date03 August 2019
Finish date28 August 2019
Event typeExhibition
PlaceIB Isabel Bilbao Art Gallery
Opening timesInauguration of 3 day at 18: 30 hours

On Saturday, August 3, at 18: 30 hours, the inauguration of Óscar Bento's painting exhibition will take place. The artist will show his works until next August 28 at the Isabel Bilbao Art Gallery. Paintings he has been developing in the last 10 years related to the Sea, Inland Lands, Music, Wine and Chocolate ...

Bento points out that he expresses the sensations when interpreting the nature, music or sensuality of a wine. Óscar Bento is a multidisciplinary artist (painting, sculpture, photography) although his most numerous production is painting.

With a long international career, his work appears in collections in more than thirty countries.

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