Pilar García Merino Exhibition: «Imbalances»

Start date27 September 2019
Finish date20 de Octubre de 2019
Event typeExhibition
PlaceIB Isabel Bilbao-Art Gallery
Opening timesInauguration 19 hours

The Isabel Bilbao Art Gallery of Xàbia hosts an exhibition by Pilar García Merino belonging to the Red Eye Photography Festival that is being held locally during these weeks. The sample, titled 'Imbalances' It is a project awarded with the Visual Creation Aid Grant from the Art and Law Foundation and the VEGAP Assistance and Cultural Fund.

Pilar García Merino uses staging to build spaces and recreate environments that respond to a certain mood. The result is a set of dioramas made by direct taking of small figures and models.

The series "Imbalances" It focuses on the psychological dimension of the human being, deepening concepts such as fear, loneliness and anguish. The images are like small boxes of psychic resonance, because they are loaded with symbolism about the human being and his reflexive positions on existence.

The exhibition can be visited from 27 from September to 20 from October. The inauguration will be Friday 27 at 19 hours.

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