In BONAVIDA your health and your wellbeing come first

BONAVIDA was born almost three years ago with the purpose of applying the natural therapies of acupuncture, chiromassage, chiropractic and homeopathy to help maintain and restore people's health. During this time they have been growing in knowledge and experience, and have treated many ailments. But what they have specialized in and what they have seen that their therapies are more effective and demanded is in the treatment of pain and in the treatment of anxiety.

Benefits of acupuncture and chiromassage

Pain is a mechanism of the body to warn us that something is not going well. However, most of the time we choose to take painkillers, which silence or relieve pain without paying attention to the cause, which causes it to become chronic. Acupuncture, instead, look for the origin of the ailment to solve the problem That originates it. It is shown that acupuncture acts in a very similar way to how analgesics work in the human body: relieving pain. But instead, it does look for its cause to solve it.

Equal cash results Chiromassage, very suitable for muscle aches and caused by joint injuries, because it nourishes and helps repair the affected tissues, and relax the contracted muscles. And also chiropractic, especially relevant in backaches, since it helps correct and restore vertebral balance, and by extension, the whole body.

How to improve anxiety

With regards to anxiety, one of the greatest ailments of our time, both acupuncture, which helps to relax and calm the mind, and chiromassage, which relaxes muscle tensions, form one of the best combinations to treat it. These two techniques together improve anxiety disorders.

For all this and because they are looking forward to meeting you, BONAVIDA invites you to put your health and well-being in the place they deserve. Call them at 640 843 047 and make an appointment. They are on the Avinguda Rei Jaume I, 23 2º floor, door 5. Improve your physical and psycho-emotional well-being.

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