CD Jávea plays its first final against Enguera

The hobby, manager, coach and players of CD Jávea They agree that their team has its first final in the clash in which it will face Enguera. This clash will be played, this Sunday, in the municipal field of Xàbia, at 17 hours and will be refereed by the referee, Serna Vázquez.

Coach Juan Carlos Signes, who was confirmed by the board this week, is aware of how much his team plays. The rojiblancos are only worth the victory and if possible do so with a game that cheers their fans who are still disgusted with what the team has so far offered as far as game is concerned.

On the sporting level, changes are expected in terms of the eleven that start at the local ranks. The bet seems to be to play more offensively by creating game from the defense itself. They will not be excessive changes in terms of players but in system.

For this game it seems that Pau and Roberto are out of the competition that drag physical problems. The other casualty is that of Paco, who has been sanctioned with a match for accumulation of yellow cards.

The atmosphere of tranquility that has reigned during the week can become nervous as long as the boys of Signes do not control the time and possession of the ball before an opponent who will surely defend themselves in order. The options of the visitors are the plays of strategy or the exit in rapid cons that can surprise the local defense.

It is a game to be patient and not despair if the goal takes time to arrive. The games last 90 minutes, plus the added time and this the CD Jávea players must be very clear. Rainfall is usually bad and in the situation where the equipment is even more.

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