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  1. Cardigan:

    Good afternoon. I want to comment yesterday 01 / 09, about 19: 30 hours my daughter of 10years, suffered an anemone bite on this beach. There were two lifeguards who, as we approached to tell them what happened, tell us that the position is closed and that they come from another play. Subsequently another girl comes up that tells us the same thing that she could not do anything because of schedule issues. My claim is first as it is possible that in high season, with so many people that we travel to spend our vacations there, in a schedule with so many tourists and visitors, on this well-known beach, we do not have a person available to attend emergencies . On the other hand and most worrisome, that the people who attended us only dedicated themselves to excusing themselves for not being able to do anything. But beyond the fact that the position is closed, his attitude was completely unconcerned, without offering us any kind of solution or recommendation. He approached the boy who rents the boats with an antiseptic cream and to calm down a bit. He showed something of human interest that your respondents did not show and I leave this comment so that as far as possible it does not happen again ... Thank you


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