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850 students of the Marina Alta will participate in Stories of 'La Panseta' of the Baleària Foundation and the Marfull theater group

26 October 2019 - 01: 35

Some 850 students of schools of the Marina Alta will pass through the dock and facilities of Baleària to participate in the program of Historias de 'La Panseta' carried out by the Baleària Foundation and the Marfull theater group.

Se trata de una actividad de cuentacuentos que se realizan en el barco solar 'La Panseta' y en el edificio de Baleària Port, Dénia, desde finales de septiembre de 2019 hasta mediados de mayo 2020. Esta iniciativa, basada en excursiones teatralizadas, cumple ya seis ediciones.

The actors of the theater group entertain the visit characterized by pirates and transport the children to a past time where this port had a strategic importance in the Mediterranean. Young people, who are between 4 and 11 years, learn the curiosities of this enclave. Beyond the return by the port, the children also visit the maritime terminal, from where the boats of Baleària are embarked, where a storyteller session is carried out.

This edition includes the public schools Pare Pere de Jesús Pobre, Cervantes and Montgó de Dénia, the school of La Xara, that of Gata de Gorgos, as well as the Mestral de Benidoleig, Les Marjals de Ondara and the Graüll de Jávea. In the last two editions of the program, some 1.700 young students participated, all of them from schools in the region and from nearby regions.

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