Modification construction tax jarring point of the last full year

The last regular full in Xàbia barely had conflicting points among members of the corporation. The point was not voted unanimously was the modification of the tax ordinance regulating tax constructions, installations and works. Tere Ern, popular spokesman said "will vote against to understand that this is a rise of

Accounts 'Montgorock Xàbia Festival' were presented in plenary

One of the issues that generated discussion between the opposition and the government team in the previous plenary was to know the cost of Montgorock Xàbia Festival. The disbursement made from the consistory for this event was important and the opposition needed to know the economic report. In the plenary session last night the team

Manuel Mir attended the plenary for help by the seizure of their house

The plenary session held last night at the municipality of Xàbia had an unexpected visitor, Manuel Mir, his grandfather attended the same courage and hope the time he was given the floor to express having your home repossessed. A situation that does not understand because the debt is builder of the estate. Mir

Milagros Lambert receives the medal Hall as 'Favorite Daughter Xàbia'

An excited Milagros Kostrinski Lambert thanked all the people of Xàbia his appointment as "favorite daughter" of the villa. An award given by all groups of the consistory at the request by the association presentanda Cultural Generator and Enterprising Women of Javea. He drew attention to the institutional ceremony held at City Hall

Xàbia full names Milagros Lambert 'Favorite Daughter' of the villa

Xàbia City Council today agreed unanimously to appoint Lambert Favorite Daughter Milagros Kostrinski. During the extraordinary plenary session, the mayor recalled that the proposal to grant this distinction was made by the group, Enterprising Women of Jávea, (MEJ) and the Association Cultural Generator. The request went through the Committee on Culture and

The General Directorate of Security Agency 25 honors local police

In the regular full held last night at the municipality of Xàbia that lasted just a little over an hour, the highlight was the award given to local police 25 by the Directorate General of Security and Emergency Response. The distinction awarded to agents is the Cross with White Distinctive


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