Benitatxell values ​​its gastronomy by joining the GastroTurística Network of the Community

Benitatxell values ​​its gastronomy by joining the GastroTurística Network of the Community

The City Council of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell has joined the GastroTurística Network of the Valencian Community and its brand L'Exquisit Mediterrani. The Councilor for Tourism, Victor Bisquert, has clarified that this accession to the Network adds value to the local cuisine by highlighting the extraordinary quality of our territory and mode...

Casa Pepa passes into the hands of the BonAmb group

The xabienc group of Alberto Ferruz, whose restaurant BonAmb has two Michelin stars, buys the business that Pepa Romans founded in Ondara. The acquisition of the legendary establishment of the region makes BonAmb one of the gastronomic business projects to be considered in our region. Casa Pepa, which was founded in 1986...

Benitatxell innovates new culinary dishes with 'fava' as the main ingredient

16 recipes new recipes that mix flavors of the world take center stage in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. A total of eight restaurants reinterpret the tradition and create gastronomic wonders such as falafel, Indian bread or vegan burgers with the star ingredient of this municipality, the fava. The restorers of Benitatxell continue to show their innovation with the...

Xàbia returns to Plat Primavera with 13 gastronomic experiences

Once again, gastronomy is once again the protagonist with the new edition of Xàbia al Plat Primavera. An event carried out by the Association of Restauradores de Xàbia (ARX) with which the culinary quality and the meticulous service of each of the participating restaurants of the town is made known....

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