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Santi Mas - Pet Services

Santi Mas - Pet Services

In Santi Mas - Pet Services you will find the best prices on antiparasitic products, of the best and most effective brands in the market, for dogs and cats. They also have great discounts on all kinds of accessories: necklaces, cribs, bags ... promotions in food, dog and cat. Find out by calling 96 642 19 07. And remember...


Sanavet is certainly the best service for your pet. It is distinguished by its specialty in clinical ethology, a specialty responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating behavioral problems of our pets. In addition we also do other veterinary services such as vaccinations and deworming, clinical analysis, official certificates and travel documents among others...

Veterinary Center La Nao

Centro Veterinario La Nao is a specialized comprehensive care for your pet center. For over 12 years ago, offer customers all services necessary for the health and welfare of our animals. Among the many services offered they are: vaccinations, analytical, pet passport, ultrasound, radiography, general surgery and traumatology. Center...

Animalets Veterinary Center

Animalets Veterinary Center takes care of the health of your pet. With more than 14 years of experience in medicine and surgery, veterinarian Rosa Seresola dedicates the most personalized attention to dogs, cats and exotic animals. With a fully equipped operating room, in Animalets Veterinary Center perform any intervention with monitoring and anesthesia inhalation to your...


Veterinary Clinic ASIS Vets

Veterinary Clinic ASIS Vets

Veterinary Clinic ASIS Vets raffles a consultation with analysis of leishmania and annual vaccine. To participate you must give 'like' and comment our publication of the draw on Facebook. Good luck to you all! Check the raffle bases here. Veterinary Clinic ASIS Vets from 1988 taking care of your pets. The clinic has a team...



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