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And the rain came to Xàbia

15 September 2023 - 11: 21

At 11:00 a.m. this Friday the announced rain started. A large waterspout has turned the streets of Xàbia into rivers. Although barely 12 liters per square meter had accumulated during the night, the AEMET forecast has been fulfilled.

Xàbia and the region are on orange alert until 14:00 p.m. this Friday because up to 40 liters can accumulate in one hour.

In this episode of rain, nearly 50 liters have accumulated, in some area of ​​Xàbia, in just 45 minutes. Specifically, in the Historic Center up to 40 liters/m2 have been recorded in 30 minutes or 60 liters/m2 in one hour. The Xàbia Local Police have proceeded to block the street that connects the Pla highway and Augusta Avenue where the Fontana canal is and gives access to the pier.

Among the different incidents that occurred, although not serious, the following stand out: containers occupying public roads, fallen trees, sewer overflows, flooding and a vehicle leaving the road. These incidents have arisen on the Avenue Trenc d'Alba, North Ronda, Canal de la Fontana, Avenida de la Fontana or Calle Penáguila. The riverbed has a water level.

It should be remembered that all classes are suspended for today, as announced yesterday by the council after the CECOPAL meeting. The AEMET keeps the yellow alert warning active for heavy rains and storms until the evening.

  1. c. archr says:

    Let's see if they finally fix the drains that go to the Arenal and leave it clean of odors and filth, another versno closing the beach No

  2. Fran says:

    15 minutes of rain justify the loss of school days while in Denia, Benitachel the students went to their schools like any other day when it rains that it seems that we have forgotten that it rains in September, as it is hot in summer. Stop scaring people, what hypocrisy while claiming to care about people's mental health when they do nothing but scare the staff.

  3. Ignacio says:

    They could take advantage of the phenomenon to have one more party: The Water Festival.

    The photo of those stairs is very good…. totally dangerous and unusable.

    • Manual says:

      Bulls in the rain, I see it. With very long bars to ask for bottles and run through the rain in front of the bulls.
      I hope the Peñas give the issue a return. What a deep-rooted tradition it will be.

  4. Marcos Ortiz says:

    We have to clean the gutters, they are full of garbage: cans, bottles, plastics, containers...

    • Fran says:

      The best thing is to cancel schools and lock people at home... it's cheaper for them. Just like with fires. Better to prohibit walking through the countryside instead of taking care of the countryside so that the things that happen later do not happen.