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Xàbia votes to be able to control nautical activities and protect the seabed

29 July 2020 - 08: 29

In the plenary session corresponding to the month of July held last Monday, the Municipal Corporation voted unanimously in favor of the motion presented by Compromís in which the regional and national government is appealed to create an inter-administrative work table to address the necessary regulation and protection of the oceanic seagrass meadows and to be able to tackle illegal anchoring.

Among the proposals of the municipality is to be able to manage a buoy service and obtain the competences to be able to control the nautical activities in order to make the protection regulations effective.

El Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, made mention of the different actions that are being carried out by the City Council to protect the coastline such as cave markings, collaboration with the Oceanogràfic Foundation, Sustainable Tourism Days, installation of anchoring buoys, participation in different forums, etc. Chulvi clarified that "We will continue working for the protection of the posidonia and we are also studying the installation of buoys that work by prior reservation as in the Balearic Islands" and thus avoid the agglomeration of boats.

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