Xàbia experienced a massive day of celebrations in honor of Jesús Nazareno
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Xàbia experienced a massive day of celebrations in honor of Jesús Nazareno

May 04 from 2024 - 00: 20

May 3 is a key day in Xàbia. Local holiday in honor of Jesús Nazareno. Festivals with more than 250 years of history that bring together, every year, a diversity of events. But on the big day, and as the culmination of the festivity, the religious and pyrotechnic acts are the ones that take center stage. Early in the morning the ringing of the bells took place and she was woken up by the band from the Center Artístic Musical de Xàbia.

At 12:00 noon, the Church of San Bartolomé gathered hundreds of faithful. With a full house, the Solemn Eucharist began, concelebrated by several parish priests and sung by the Parish Choir.

Image: Solemn Eucharist to Jesus Nazarene

The mass, as usual, included the presentation of medals of honor from the Brotherhood, which this year were awarded to the mayor of Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, the gold medal, to Mavi Pérez, festival councilor, the silver medal and to the brother Vicente Fornés, for his years dedicated to the brotherhood. Likewise, the diplomas were also presented to the mayorals of 2024.

Image: Presentation of the gold medal to the mayor of Xàbia

One of the novelties this year was the donation that Francisco Gual made to the Parish. A historical image. This is a painting that was in the Convent at the first mass held after the civil war. An image of the Nazarene that will be in the Church of San Bartolomé, "because he is everyone's heritage," indicated the priest, Juan Antonio Navarro.

Image: Historical painting of the Nazarene

In addition, the Brotherhood also wanted to thank the Chorro Florist for its work and selfless dedication, every year, for the holidays and for the Nazarene.

After the mass they also made themselves known the names of the mayorals of 2025 and the names of the four women who for the first time will be part of the Brotherhood of the Nazarene next year. The big day of celebration continued with the firing of the mascletà.

And in the evening, the procession of the Nazarene ascending to the Ermita del Calvario and the firing of the fireworks display put an end to the festivities in honor of Jesús Nazareno in 2024.

Image: The Nazarene and the Sorrowful upon their arrival at the Hermitage of Calvary
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