Xàbia wore the rainbow at his first Pride party

Xàbia yesterday waved the rainbow flag to celebrate and vindicate the rights of the LGTBI community in a unique party to date.

Many were the neighbors who wanted to join the celebration in the Plaza de la Constitución and later toured the downtown streets at the rhythm of batukada. It is the first party of its kind in the town, which has had the collaboration of institutes and the Xàbia association in Moviment.

The event was concluded by a fellowship dinner and DJ Maluks' disco.

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Comments on "Xàbia dressed the rainbow at his first Pride party"


  1. Pedro:

    Thank you for the care of the residents of Avenida Ultramar, we would also like you to step on the step devices so that there is no tantot all year round with cars, motorcycles, vans etc ... they go at a very high speed, there are many people who walk, and the noise is infernal tantôt day and night, do as has been done Av Rey Juan Carlos.Gracis

  2. Fernando:

    This is Erika, but we all know who is given the bull and who does not. We have no choice ... ..O If ...

    • Erika:

      Thanks, Fernando. As always, I agree with you and with Miquel (and with others as well), even though some of them bother you, which I do not understand.
      And I also agree with Pedro, who asks that speed bumps be set, although those who have put themselves on Juan Carlos I Avenue are excessively high and I think they are dangerous. It would simply be a few bumps as there are in many streets, the noise of motorcycles, cars and others is unbearable. And fine those who do not respect the speed limits established, which are many, as well as motorcycles with free escape, to which there is no endurance.

  3. Erika:

    Why do they call it the "pride" party? What pride? Gay pride or, what's more modern, gay pride. Please, let's not distort things ... To each one his name.



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