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Xàbia makes visible the essential tasks carried out mainly by migrant people

07 December 2021 - 10: 52

El Javea Town Hall, through its service office for foreigners (Pangea) of Servicios Sociales, organizes one more year the "Living Library" to commemorate the week of cultural diversity. With this format, the municipality publicizes the experiences and experiences of residents from other places and the wealth that diversity brings to the municipality.

Councilwoman Social Services, Rita Berruti, has explained that, on this occasion, two activities have been chosen: the children's storyteller "Los Pueblos" and the human library "Also is Xàbia", both scheduled for the morning of this Saturday, December 11 in the Plaza Celestino Pons.

The day will begin with the storyteller, at 11 am, in which the children's audience will know the essence of the towns, the root of tradition, and will be able to listen to stories and legends from different parts of the planet.

At 11:30 hours the living library will open, which this year has as protagonists migrant people (both foreigners who live in Xàbia today and Xabia who once emigrated to other countries) who are in charge of essential and basic work that They have become so important during the pandemic.

The assistants will receive a card and the "catalog" with the personal books that they can consult and learn about their stories and experiences. But above all, check how migrant people provide cultural wealth, support and economy in our town.

And, as highlighted from the Social Services area, currently, a large part of the basic and essential activities necessary for the development of Xàbia, are carried out by newcomers: care for the elderly, domestic cleaning, production or distribution food.

Its arrival has given continuity to trades and customs typical of our land, allowing the confluence with the local people who had been executing them and it has become a support that is a value that brings wealth to the municipality.
By participating both local and migrant people, different perspectives and realities can be learned within the same task or workplace.

La mayor of Social Services has encouraged the entire neighborhood to participate in these experiences that promote coexistence and enhance the diversity of our people.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the programming is very scarce, only a storyteller and talking to "personal books" seems very poor, the intention is good but they could do better, for example, a fashion show with the traditional clothing of each country, or the theme of the International festival could be added to this by having people taste foods from other countries (and adding more countries than there have been so far), organizing sports tournaments as if it were a small imitation of the World Cup or the Olympic Games for both children and for adults, small theaters with the most famous works of each country, a book fair with books in different languages, sale of t-shirts from each country, traditional cooking classes to learn how to make recipes from other countries, all these would make the rest of the Marina Alta will be encouraged to participate but this city council does not leave the mental square it has, it does not look beyond it, we need people with an open mind with the ability to solve any problem. another thing, no hick people without studies