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Landslides in Cala de la Granadella: Xàbia will clean up the cliff and repair the protective mesh

February 13 from 2024 - 11: 14

On January 1, landslides occurred on the coastal front of the Cala Granadella. They were two large rocks - more than 1.000 kilos each - that had fallen from the top of the cliff at the northern end of the beach, next to the boathouse, as well as other smaller rocks, which had been left on the beach. dock area.

The landslide, which occurred without apparent cause, since the weather was dry and there had been no rain in the preceding days, had caused the triple twist wire mesh that protects the front of the cliff to break. Specifically, the 'unstitching' of the joint between two meshes has occurred, leaving an opening between them of approximately 4 meters. Apparently, the destabilization of the rocks occurred due to the action of the roots of the trees and bushes existing in the top from the cliff.

Likewise, one can observe the existence of other rocks of considerable size that are in serious danger of falling, finding themselves in a very compromised equilibrium situation. After the delimitation of the area by the Local Police and the visit of the technician, the municipal works brigade removed the dislodged rocks and proceeded to effectively fence off the area with risk for pedestrians and users of the Cove.

Given this existing danger, the council has processed the emergency contracting of the cliff sanitation service, eliminating the rocks that present instability, as well as the review of the installation of the triple twist wire mesh protection network and its subsequent repair .

The company that already carried out the installation of the existing meshes Vertihor, vertical and horizontal work, will be in charge of carrying out the new emergency work with the cleaning of rock blocks and the replacement of triple twist wire mesh covered with gray PVC for a budget of 3.236 euros without VAT.

  1. Balcony neighbor to the sea says:

    And the sanitation and reopening of Cala Ambolo for when?

  2. neighbor says:

    The amount to pay will be more.
    A lot more.