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Xàbia temporarily suspends the 'Xàbia Esports Educa' program in schools

16 September 2020 - 12: 03

The Councilor for Sports, Alberto Tur, has pointed out that, as a result of the health crisis, the council has decided together with the education area, to suspend the Xàbia Esports Educa program during the first quarter, which was carried out within school centers on schedule of extracurricular activities and with the aim of contributing to the acquisition of healthy habits and collaborating with the continuous day program that all public centers in Xàbia apply.

The councilor has advanced that after Christmas, seeing the evolution of the situation due to COVID-19, its implementation will be reconsidered. Precisely this program has recently received a subsidy from the Department of Sports of 13.200 euros as it is a unique project within the sports field.

Municipal sports schools

On the other hand, the Sports department of Xàbia has published on the municipal website (which can be consulted at https://ajxabia.com/ver/5066/escoles-esportives-municipals-202021.html) the definitive lists of admitted in municipal sports schools, a service offered by the City Council to promote sport among the youngest.

Parents will be able to download, from the same website, the Municipal Sports Facilities Contingency Plan, where the flows and regulations applied to each facility are reflected. In addition, and to formalize the registration, they must download the declaration responsible for compliance with Annex III regulations (which can be
see https://ajxabia.com/ver/5066/escoles-esportives-municipals-202021.html) having to be delivered to User Service before September 22, requesting a prior appointment before delivery.

The Sports Department has planned informative meetings for each municipal sports school (which will be held virtually through the ZOOM platform, finding the ID in the same definitive list of each municipal school) in which the changes in routines and preventive measures that will be applied this unusual season.

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