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Xàbia will host the Casa Mediterráneo Environmental Journalism Awards

January 12 from 2023 - 17: 44

El Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, and the general director of Casa Mediterráneo, Andrés Perelló, have today signed the agreement that formalizes the return of the municipality to the governing council of this Consortium that works to promote knowledge and rapprochement between Spain and the rest of the countries of the Mediterranean basin from areas as diverse as culture, the economy, climate change, gender equality or innovation.

Perelló has highlighted the symbolism that "the recovery in the governing council of one of the founding members" represents for the House and has announced the first two projects with which the organization will extend its activity this year to "an absolutely Mediterranean town such as Xàbia ”.

The first will be the concert of the Ensemble Casa Mediterráneo scheduled for March 25 at the St. Bartholomew's Church, the resident orchestra of the diplomatic institution under the baton of Ignacio García Vidal, director of the RTVE orchestra.

Xàbia Casa Mediterráneo Awards for Environmental Journalism

Another of the appointments already in 2023 will be the call for the Xàbia Casa Mediterráneo Awards for Environmental Journalism that will reward journalists or columnists who demonstrate work to raise awareness and defend the environment, the marine environment and especially the Mediterranean.

The person in charge of Casa Mediterráneo has been excited about the beginning of this "new journey of collaboration and has thanked all the municipal groups of the Javea Town Hall their support "and Mediterranean conscience" by unanimously voting for this return.

For his part, the mayor, José Chulvi, has highlighted the opportunity for Xàbia to become part of a consortium like Casa Mediterráneo again, something that "reinforces our image as a municipality devoted to the Mediterranean and defender of its lifestyle and culture" at the same time that he has shown his enthusiasm by verifying the presence that Xàbia will have on the agency's agenda, since in just two months the first of the activities will be held.

Finally, Chulvi has agreed that hosting the environmental journalism awards will also contribute to making the town's strategy and efforts visible in protecting the environment and boosting culture.

  1. alex says:

    Xàbia will be and will pay for everything that the PartidoSOE tells him.

  2. photographer says:

    Champion in propaganda, Jose, and other nonsense.

  3. Juan says:

    This must be the misplaced joke of December 28.
    If it isn't... do we have a big problem, that is, do they tease us and also get rid of us?

    Jávea is a shit sink like there are few places on the Coast, what have these people smoked to say that "they are the best defenders of the Environment"?

    If something is clear to me, it is that they neither know nor want to take care of Jávea. Demonstrated in these last 11 years.

    What a crazy Chulvi, it must be that not being a waiter I don't understand such high political management, the same is that.

  4. Long live the Chungui says:

    "Environmental Journalism Award".

    That in the town that has been burned whole in two batches with this genius, and that has the forests rampant again.

    In the town that every summer is saturated without any order.

    And above all, friends and friends, in the town where SHIT comes to the beach, when ass wipes don't explode through the sewers.

    Well done Chulvi. We could give prizes to the best architectural works, for those monsters that build on the Cuesta de San Antonio or for your great works, from the Auditorium, to that first beautiful mountain that you have (without forgetting the rest of pufos).

  5. Kingstone says:

    Title for a newspaper article:
    "Shit in the Arenal"
    «Massification in the streets and beaches during the summer»
    «Public Transport?, no, thanks»
    «What time for the bus?, what bus?»
    "The polluted river flows into the sea"
    "Shores Full of Shit"
    "Streets Full of Shit"
    "Shit everywhere"
    «Building licenses to Go Go»
    «Chulvi is never there, he is always «outside»»»
    «If you are not a socialist your future is very dark, with the card you are God»
    "Jávea disappeared years ago, now it is Benidorm"
    "Waiter! there is a Sorolla in my soup»

    Let's see, these are some examples, as soon as one lives here you will see how two hundred more come to mind.

  6. Vecino says:

    It amuses me that Xàbia will host something when later it does the opposite in what is said.
    Environmental Awards when the Xàbia City Council led by Mr Chulvi the only party that destroys nature makes beaches or coves disappear or builds beach bars in virgin areas.
    They are free to continue building in green areas and on uncontrolled cliffs.
    They do not invest in more green areas, on the contrary, they cut down the trees that destroy the sidewalks but they forget to replant new ones.
    Instead of raising awareness about not leaving waste such as cigarette butts on the beaches, they prefer to prohibit smoking or they could better set up smoking areas on one side of the beach if they want a beach for dogs, smokers also have the right to their place.
    Instead of charging a fee for wanting to park in the coves, which is illegal, they should leave the coves completely free of vehicles and bet on building public car parks above and then look for the alternative of the bus or little train to go down to the cove and now if it can be charged to go down and allocate that money to improve the beaches but a parking fee is not the solution.
    In short, Jávea should withdraw the candidacy for environmental non-compliance due to uncontrolled dumping and destruction of the environment.

    • Fart says:

      Definitely, our mayor has lost all the shame.
      Affirms both paraules and denies in the fets
      Laughing, defend the environment?