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Xàbia reserves 400.000 euros to buy a premises in Arenal and use it as a medical clinic

November 23 from 2023 - 13: 04

La Arenal Beach requires a Health Center. This lawsuit has been going on for years. The urban center of Arenal only has one auxiliary clinic during the summer months and Easter days. The residents of this area demand more public services.

Last year, the Department was asked for the possibility of building a health center in this urban area. But while the negotiations arrive, the current government team has fully carried out a credit modification that includes the public bidding for a premises in the Arenal area to be used as a health clinic.

With the votes in favor of the Popular Party, Ciudadanos por Jávea and Vox, and the abstention of PSOE and Compromís, the credit modification of 7,6 million euros has been approved, which includes 400.000 euros for the purchase of a premises that will be It would be used as a consulting room while we wait for the regional government to proceed with the construction request.

To questions from the PSPV-PSOE spokesperson, José ChulviThe Councilor for Health, Fatima Jarjor, explained that this measure seeks to solve the existing problems in Arenal, where health professionals face difficulties in caring for patients in optimal conditions.

Jarjor added that if the implementation of the clinic is later achieved, the premises will be used for other public uses since Arenal lacks municipal offices.

  1. catala says:

    For that price they don't buy anything. If they had not sold the public land they had in the fountain that they used to store junk.
    On top of that, they sell public land to construction companies so that they can continue profiting from the land.

    • a secret with voices says:

      That's the meaning of getting into politics nowadays, having information to hit the ball, without hitting the water.
      Right, various scoundrels?
      They may later have money, but they know they are scum, because they know it.
      A life thrown away, based on having more money, without any type of modesty.
      But they do not know that there is another life, which is much better and fuller, but unfortunately their brains of absolute idiots do not allow them to understand certain abstract concepts, they do not.
      These infrabeings provoke me in absolute disgust, those in the photo and the smile. Pathetic elements.

  2. Incarnation Sanchez says:

    That seems very good to me

  3. Juan says:

    It was time

  4. Kiko says:

    Well, congratulations to the winners.