Xàbia will distribute 1.000 bottles so that the owners of pets clean the pipis of the dogs in the street

El Javea Town Hall he wants to make pet owners aware that they are the ones most responsible for cleaning the pipis and the poop that the animals make on the street. Kika Mata, Councilor for Services, considers that we are facing a «Problemón» that suppose not only the dog poop in the streets but also the urine, something that is more complicated to avoid but that causes the oxidation of litter bins, lampposts, containers or banks, as well as smells, unhygienic and a terrible image of corners and facades .

To do this, 1.000 will distribute XNUMX portable bottles, folding and with a carabiner specially designed to hook them in the harness of the dog and thus facilitate this task of cleaning and disinfection. They will be available at tourist offices and will also be taken to schools.

With these bottles appeal to the responsibility of the owners, who are advised to throw water mixed with vinegar, ammonia or bleach where their pets have pee.

In addition posters of the campaign have been printed in which the responsibility of the owners of the pets is remembered and that there are penalties of up to 750 euros for not doing so. «We are spending a lot of resources on cleaning public spaces so that the unfounded behavior of some people is going to waste it», pointed the councilor, who has called to get involved in this matter.

New canine park

Mata has anticipated that his department is enabling a new canine park in the Montaner Park, following the model of the existing one in a space on Garcilaso de la Vega street and that is giving such good results. "It's an area where pets are going to walk and the pipicán It has been small so we have thought to give them a new space for its exclusive use in which there are banks and electricity and now we will make a special fencing (with double doors) » explained the mayor.

10.000 dogs registered

El Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, has stated that in the municipality there are currently around 10.000 registered dogs, and has appreciated the involvement of associations such as Rama or Apasa in all these awareness campaigns.

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Comments on "Xàbia will distribute 1.000 bottles for pet owners to clean pipis from dogs on the street"


  1. Bill:

    I would answer to the council and especially to the councilor that what you should do is to buff the streets with water from time to time and stop occurrences when there should be no expense in plastic bottles that go against the environment, which irrigate the streets with recycled or reclaimed water. Thank you

  2. Carles:

    Menuda »shit», 2 days ago distribukan glass bottles by plastic and now buy plastic with what they pollute.

    Small more contradictory campaigns, both paid with public money.

    Crystal or plastic Mr. Chulvi, where are we?



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