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Xàbia will write a Municipal Acoustic Plan in which it will propose measures to minimize excesses

November 11 from 2019 - 18: 29

The Xàbia City Council has put out to tender the drafting of the municipal acoustic plan with a base budget of 46.000 euros, VAT included. This document will be used to analyze the noise levels existing in the municipality and provide information about the noise sources that cause noise pollution.

The acoustic map will distinguish between rustic and urban areas, communication routes, industrial and recreational areas, as well as residential and commercial areas. Also the spaces specially protected by these destined to sanitary and educational uses, as well as those that have environmental values ​​that need to be more preserved.

The company responsible for preparing it will have an eight-month period in which to make measurements, analyze noise levels and identify the sound sources that produce them. Also of the noise generated by traffic, establishing levels in each street, and preparing a diagnosis of the general situation and measures for each of the areas.


The objective is to establish an action program, both in order to minimize the production and transmission of noise, as well as to establish noise control systems or to reduce their levels and indications for the regulation of road traffic. The contract comes out through a simplified open procedure.

The municipal acoustic plan is a key tool for managing the problems generated by excessive noise. It will define the specific measures in the fight against noise and will set limits on the noise from which it will be punishable.

One of the areas that the City Council has a special interest in studying is the Arenal, where most of the entertainment venues are concentrated and, consequently, of the neighborhood complaints in this matter. Parallel to this technical report, the Consistory has been reviewing the entire urban planning and activity licensing situation for months, sanctioning the premises that do not adjust their activity to what is authorized and the current legislation.

  1. Evert says:

    Evert Schepers
    I think it is a good plan, because there is a lot of noise end do not underestimate the inconvenience caused by Promotional Lights that occurs day and night and in particular makes the whole street and private houses in a heavy moving blue light, disturbing the private lives of the neighbors, for instance Avd. of Ausias March

  2. Miquel Strogoff says:

    Also for the Paintball that is in the Saladar that the shots are heard until the windows are closed and when there is music too ..
    So much to complain about the shooting range of the flats because in Saladar there is another one that my mother ..

  3. Jesus Boada says:

    Phenomenal!!! It seems that Mr. Chulvi begins to take note of the complaints of the neighbors, including me and by this means and with complaints in the Office of Citizen Services.
    They can start on any street, but in the Arenal area, Haya street and Ctra. De la Nao Pla, they are true candidates for speed to go down to 20- 30 km per hour

  4. Teresa Pardo says:

    I hope that the noise pollution of the community pools in the summer will also be considered. Screaming until 12 at night prevents rest and destroys nerves.

  5. José Manuel Bruna says:

    I hope that the acoustic plan includes the moments when parties are celebrated, that we have many in Jávea and also cause more than unpleasant inconvenience to residents in areas of influence.

  6. Encarna Sanchez says:

    It seems very good to me, but I considered that another one be done so that there are not so many cockroaches in summer, I have my second home in the Ancora 12 urbanization, my Fumiga community inside, but the City Council does not do it through the sewer outside and they pass us to our sewer network, they are toxic bugs for the Health of the elderly, children and people.