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Xàbia reminds the 1095 women victims of sexist violence in the 25N so that there is no 'Not one more'

Start date: 05 November 2019
Finish date: December 15 2019
Event type: Other events
Place: Check programming (below)
Opening times: Check programming (below)
Event finished

'Not one month' is the slogan of the campaign that the Department of Equality, in charge of Montse Villaverde, has launched to commemorate the 25N, International Day against violence against women. With the name of the 1095 deceased women, since 2004, because of sexist violence, Xàbia wants to give visibility to the citizens of the importance of this problem.

To do this, during the month of November, and part of December, different awareness activities will take place, and in addition, the council has published striking posters and bookmarks that reflect the slogan and name of the murdered women.

Villaverde has stressed that the main purpose "Is that the list of victims does not grow, 'Not a month' is our goal and we will continue working to protect women because it is the priority of all governments".

Activity program

With regard to the involvement of citizens, from the council has scheduled activities for all audiences.

From the 5 to the 26 for November A women's empowerment workshop is held in the Municipal Library under the title 'Desenrotllant el talent i l'apoderament feminí'.

El November 15, in the House of Culture, there will be a talk 'Violence in nightlife', at 18 hours.

From the 18 to the 29 for November Work will be carried out in coeducation workshops with primary and secondary school students from Xàbia schools.

Del 18 November to December 15 there will be an exhibition at the Museum Soler Blasco entitled 'I have no owner. "

Share November 18 to 22 there will be a show for equality in the House of Culture.

El November 19 the vaccination campaign will be carried out, STOP to the Violence of Génere in IES nº1, the November 21 in the Plaza Marina Alta and Plaza de la Constitución and the Day 26 in the IES Antoni Llidó.

El November 23, the House of Culture will host a play, 'Trobadores', at 20 hours and the November 25, will be held at the City Council, the institutional act to commemorate the International Day against Gender Violence.

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