Xàbia is pending the approval of places for local police

In the question and prayers section of the ordinary plenary session of January held on Thursday night, the councilor of the Popular Party of Xàbia, Tere Ern, he asked the government team about the police decree, «The squares for when?», arguing the retirement of five agents yesterday.

The mayor of Security, Pepa Gisbert, replied that they are in the preparation phase «And with the interim 17 that there is currently until the end of the year, we have time to remove these places». Also, the mayor, José Chulvi, stressed that public employment places depend on the General State Budgets «That are not yet approved».

Wells and licenses

On the other hand, the non-attached councilor, Juanlu Cardona, asked about the situation in which the wells of Xàbia are located. Before the question, Chulvi said that since this week they are acting «And it is the works brigade that is in charge of closing them and notifying the owner».

Cardona also asked about the activity licenses, «Why are there opening licenses that are not given and what are the measures taken by the licenses of the premises in the southern area of ​​the Arenal Beach". The council of activity licenses, José Luís Luengo indicated that the new technician is working in the Arenal, "The premises do not have a paper license but they are legal; the owners have delivered all the documentation requested by the City Council and it is the technician who is reviewing them now ».

San Bartolomé Parish Works

For his part, Councilman Vicente Colomer made reference to the publication of Xàbia.com on the works of reform of the Church of San Bartolomé. The mayor replied that the parish priest has acted correctly, «From the archbishopric an architect was sent for an urgent and necessary action and another for a master plan for a total reform, from the city council we will help to expedite the procedures», concluded Chulvi.

Continuous line of the 734 CV

The audience also intervened asking for the performance of the double continuous line of the Carretera de Gata, the 734 CV. José Chulvi He noted that the councilor of services had already spoken with the Territorial Services in Alicante «And myself with the Consellería de Infraestructuras, have understood the complaints and have already made it discontinuous in the main accesses, waiting for the construction of the two planned roundabouts, the future Industrial Estate and the Funeral Home».

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