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Xàbia prepares a short film on the importance of taking care of mental health

03 2023 April - 14: 08

The department Servicios Sociales de Xàbia is preparing a short film to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of mental health and asking for help when suffering from some type of disorder. The responsible councillor, Rita Berruti, has explained that the project will be possible thanks to the collaboration of the Caixabanc social work, which has offered 4.500 euros to finance this audiovisual that will star the users of TAPIS, the occupational workshops for people with mental illness promoted by the Town hall.

They, people affected by severe mental illness, will give their first-person testimony about the process that is experienced, especially in the initial stage from when the disease begins to manifest itself until it is diagnosed. A period that is difficult for the patient to understand and comprehend and also complex to direct at the level of treatment in which it is key to ask for help.

Berruti added that the entire TAPIS family is working on this project with great enthusiasm and motivation under the guidance of their monitor, Alicia Ripoll, and one of their main collaborators, Anna Perles. In the coming weeks, a date will be set for the premiere of this short film.

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  1. mental health answers says:

    Of course, that is responding to the pulse of the people, they know exactly what Jávea's priorities are, a Short Film, of course, it is the best way to spend the money destined for that purpose, of course.

    I am very happy to know that there are so many people with very clear ideas, very good, congratulations.