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Xàbia organizes talks for parents on how to accompany their children in the discovery of sexuality

Start date: November 03th 2022
Finish date: December 15th 2022
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: House of Culture
Schedule: 19: 00 hours
Event finished

The Department of Youth of Xàbia opens registration for the second workshop for fathers and mothers who want to receive advice on how to accompany their children in the discovery of sexuality and affectivity, a difficult topic to address in many families.

Specialists in sexology insist that sexual education is essential to have a healthy, safe and diverse sexual life. And they also highlight that what minors do not learn from their circle of trust, they end up looking for it in other sources such as friends, television series and the Internet, in which they do not have the best way or with the most truthful information.

From the department heads Montse Villaverde They propose four sessions to talk and reflect on the main axes of sexuality; from the different sexualities and affectivities, to the stereotypes, myths and beliefs about sexuality; the impact of pornography and social networks and the importance of consent.

Talks schedule

There will be a total of four talks: November 3, November 17, December 1 and December 15. They will be at 19:00 p.m. Culture House.

For more information and registration you can contact the youth technician at the mail: angels.oliver@ajxabia.org

This school for parents is designed so that, in addition to naturally accompanying their sons and daughters in their sexual awakening, the parents themselves review their own stereotypes, myths and limiting beliefs about sexuality, and can participate in the emotional education of their children. minors and improve their communication as a family, particularly with adolescents.

  1. Elena says:

    Well, it is done for several things:

    Avoid risky behavior
    Avoid unwanted pregnancies
    Avoid sexually transmitted diseases
    Prevent child abuse...
    We continue?


  2. Erika says:

    Totally absurd. They are obsessed with sex, why?

  3. Luis says:

    «…. naturally accompanying sons and daughters in their sexual awakening…” No, no and no. But what is this?

  4. TheGreatReset/Narrative says:

    It's vomitous how you fulfill the agenda.