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Xàbia offers flamenco and Spanish recipes to a group of Ukrainian women on a trip "to disconnect from the war"

February 13 from 2024 - 16: 24

The mayoress of Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, and the Councilor for Equality, Fatima Jarjor, received this Tuesday a group of 30 women from Ukraine who are spending a few days in our municipality with the help of the Culture Against Bullets association.

Women, children and young people are the weakest link in the war between Ukraine and Russia, and this association organizes trips "so they can disconnect from the war for a few weeks." In Xàbia, this group of women has carried out different activities such as flamenco classes, they have visited the Fishermen's Guild and they have learned to cook dishes from the Spanish recipe book such as potato omelette, from the hand of the cooks of the Port de Xàbia School. These activities have been possible with the collaboration of, among others, the Rotary Club Jávea.

El Town hall has taken care of the food for these women in that educational center and today they wanted to have a small detail with the mayor and the councilor. They have been given a small tapestry in which the yellow and blue colors (of their country's flag) stand out, a book, as well as some bracelets that read “Be brave like Ukraine.” After the delivery, the women sang the national anthem of their country.

It is not the first visit organized by the association to Xàbia, since a few days ago it was a group of young people who enjoyed the warmth and welcome of the neighbors.

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  1. Tony says:

    Flamenco and potato omelette. All very typical and strongly rooted in our town. Awesome. Of ten