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Xàbia improves energy efficiency through a subsidy from the Diputación de Alicante

August 09 from 2022 - 13: 56

El Javea Town Hall has received a grant from the Alicante Provincial Council for a total of €38.906,28 within the 2019 Provincial Energy Plan for actions that reduce environmental impact. This financial support has been invested in a series of small works that will improve sustainability and energy efficiency.

On the one hand, the installation of six recharging points for electric vehicles in the Portal del Clot car park has been financed, mainly for the municipal fleet.

Several investments have also been made in public lighting, replacing the lights with LED technology, in the streets of Requeret, Garsa de Mar, Falzia and Carretera de la Guardia.

The proposed actions consist of improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact in order to comply with the commitments in terms of climate and energy established in the Mayors' Agreement, of which the Xàbia City Council and the Provincial Council are part. Alicante.

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