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Xàbia begins the installation of more accessible containers

21 December 2023 - 13: 56

The Department of Services and the concessionaire company for waste collection and street cleaning, Tetma, have installed the first accessible containers in different parts of the municipal area, primarily in the three urban centers.

This Wednesday the mayor, Rosa Cardona and the councilor for the Third Age, Fatima Jarjor, tested the operation of these containers, which will be tested for a few weeks in order to assess the one that best adapts to the neighborhood needs.

On the one hand, there is one that is equipped with a pedal, which allows you to open the tank without touching it, and the second option is a free-mouth opening system, which forces you to push the bag until the door opens and it falls inside the tank. container.

After this test, the mayor, Rosa Cardona, commented that the nearly 40 accessible containers "will be distributed at different points in the three urban centers" to bring them closer to the oldest people and those who have the most difficulty when depositing waste in The containers.

Cardona thanked the work of the responsible company that began to find a solution "after this government requested it in the month of July."

  1. Nerea says:

    A notice to the City Council, with all due respect, for this photo inaugurating a garbage can:

    Please consider what you have done.

    Tomorrow a bank teller can hold a press conference, expressing his satisfaction for having updated a client's card.

    Let's not make the TOTALLY NORMAL something out of the ordinary.

    The work of doing things for citizens does not require taking photos every time you WORK.
    Please don't make it seem like these are feats, they are just doing their job.

    Anyway, I hope they don't end up like the little smiley, tired socialist who didn't know what to do with Sorolla to show off in photos, all the time.

    When you fix the Emissary, or the Sewer or make a Public Transportation plan once and for all that does not embarrass others, on those days do not take photos, because that is your job, that is what we pay you for. Work without taking selfies or anything like that.

    More humility and fewer photos.

  2. pedro says:

    After collecting the garbage, the truck loses a lot of my…. ! that stay around the garbage! like in the neighborhood of Trinquall or La Guardia! Please, it's a pleasure to see all this!

  3. A neighbour says:

    I am glad that measures are taken with common sense, but a little more common sense would still be needed and that these containers would have been installed in a more discreet place in the square, not in the center of it.

    We must take a little more care of the image of Xàbia and ensure that visitors do not take a souvenir photo with a string of garbage containers in the background.

    • barts people says:

      I agree, apart from the visitors, the residents of Javea would also like the town to be beautiful, after all it is where many of us were born, it is our house, our home.
      Making policies oriented only exclusively to tourism, to visitors, - almost company policies - where business, short-term profit, takes precedence over the well-being of the neighbors, is leading us to disaster from almost any point of view; social, landscape, environmental, etc.
      You just have to look at towns with stronger tourist development than ours; They have become uninhabitable places, hostile to neighbors,
      Xabia Bonica yes, but above all for the neighbors.

  4. Good sense, please. says:

    Please do not follow the tradition of the unspeakable former socialist mayor.
    It is pathetic to inaugurate a garbage can.
    I am infinitely grateful that normality is established in my municipality, but from there it is an event with photographers... A little restraint, restraint in the fuss, leave that to those who make a living from putting on a show, please, some seriousness.
    Keep doing logical things, but don't make a big deal about it, you are playing the socialist game of selling an image, just that.
    Thank you for recovering your common sense, now please review the more than painful Public Transportation that we suffer from. Update, improve and expand schedules and routes. Promote its use, do what the “false and absurd smiles” avoided doing in 12 years.
    A greeting.

    • Erika says:

      You're right. Let's see if they listen to us, I've been protesting for years about the bus schedule. And fewer photos, please.

  5. James says:

    I mean...what we had before...someone has earned a few euros hey

  6. No res i avant says:

    I never thought that a garbage container could be inaugurated, but I see that yes, I was wrong.

  7. pas says:

    Even Chulvi, her photos and her advertisements screwed up on that!!!!!!
    And it wasn't because they didn't take time to prepare it...late and poorly.