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Xàbia enables a service point for motorhomes

August 08 from 2022 - 14: 05

El Javea Town Hall has opened a service area for motorhomes at the intersection of Camí de Les Cansalades and Carrer Lago Como.

The enclosure has two connections to the purification network to empty the wastewater and a tap for cleaning, as well as containers for the collection of domestic waste.

From the Department of Works and Services, given the increase in motorhomes experienced in recent years, this space is provided with the appropriate facilities to cover your basic needs. The place is only a service point and overnight stays are not allowed.

  1. Xabiera says:

    Motorhomes do not need a specific place to spend the night. Basically because they can park where a car can and spend the night inside, if instead they want to camp they can go to a campsite. The fact that the residents of the mountains are bothered by sight does not mean that it is illegal, it bothers me that there are vehicles parked there, regardless of whether they are motorhomes or cars. On the other hand, the majority of motorhome drivers are much more respectful of the environment than the type of tourism we have here this summer, not so those who rent for fashion and take a picture of instagram, most have no idea of ​​this philosophy of travelling.

  2. Lapove says:

    Thank you for the initiative. Now it would be good if perfectly PARKED motorhomes were not incorrectly fined, which, as you well know, is just another vehicle, which, except for an explicit length limitation, has every right (with its corresponding road taxes) to park like any vehicle. I see in previous comments that they have a lot of trouble distinguishing between parking and camping.

    • IgnacioG says:

      Those who have a lot of trouble between parking and camping are the owners of the motorhomes themselves. Anything to save the sad €15 a day at the Camping.

  3. Translation to Spanish says:

    Now it is necessary to find a suitable place where people can stay in their caravans and thus remove them from places where camping is not allowed.

  4. Miquel says:

    Now it is necessary to look for a suitable lloc on the people who can stay with the seves caravans and there is no way to take them from the llocs on it is not possible to camp.

  5. puto chungui says:

    The city council of Jávea doing NOTHING for NOBODY and, above all, doing it wrong.

    The motorhomes are going to follow their ball, and what interests them is to sleep in the best places even if they annoy the rest. This gives them recognition and, moreover, useless.