Xàbia, between the scenes of the recording of a well-known television program
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Xàbia, between the scenes of the recording of a well-known television program

May 27 from 2024 - 12: 44

The province of Alicante becomes the setting for one of today's well-known television programs. The program, hosted by presenter Jesús Calleja, promises to take viewers, by helicopter, to discover the most impressive and unknown corners of the Spanish peninsula.

In the recording of a new episode of the season of 'Volando Voy', as shown by Calleja himself, you can see the coast of Xàbia. From the top del Sol in Benitatxell, passing through Ambolo, Portitxol and showing the background the Montgo and Cape San Antonio.

The presenter's social media publication indicates that recording of the next episode has begun in the province of Alicante. The inhabitants of Xàbia and the surrounding area are excited by the opportunity to see their landscapes, from the air, on the small screen.

With a combination of adventure, exploration and encounters with local characters, the program promises to offer a unique and enriching vision. Will Xàbia be the municipality chosen by the program for this broadcast dedicated to Alicante? The broadcast date has not yet been confirmed, but expectations are growing among the program's followers to know what will be seen.

  1. Natalia says:

    Oh yes, we are very excited to see it on the small screen, since we cannot see it live because everything is so saturated.

  2. Tony says:

    The fact that Calleja has passed along the coast of Jávea and has recorded some images does not mean that he is going to record the program here, he knows this land well, even if they recorded a program about fishermen last year, but not in this case, he says in Alicante or the province of Alicante, and that's right, it is done in a town in the interior, not on the coast.

  3. Pepita says:

    Very well said.
    Those of us who have been here for a long time cannot enjoy what is ours and everything is rubbish.

  4. Incarnation Sanchez says:

    Very nice, but don't advertise Javea so much, too much tourism has been coming in recent years and there are no services to serve so many people