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Xàbia begins to fence the green points for greater control against spills

21 July 2022 - 14: 55

One of the changes brought about by the new contract for the waste collection and street cleaning service is related to the green points. The growing uncivil use of these spaces, which daily suffer from spills outside the containers and where belongings, furniture or materials are abandoned instead of being taken to the ecopark, has led to rethinking the management system and for this reason its enclosure is included in this contract.

The intention of the Department of Services is that they can only be used by residents of the area, who will be given an identification card that will allow them to open the fence. In addition, the site will have video surveillance to control possible misuse or spills and to be able to sanction them.

First fenced points

The councilor, Kika Mata, explained that the change will not be immediate but for the time being the fence has begun to be installed at some of the points such as Rafalet or Cansalades. In the coming months, the transition will be completed with the security system and residents will be contacted to manage the distribution of accreditations by address.

Mata has taken the opportunity to ask for citizen awareness on the issue of waste since the municipality dedicates a lot of means to its maintenance and even then it does not manage to keep a decent public image. The mayor has ensured that all green points are cleaned daily first thing in the morning and in a few hours their appearance is disastrous again.

Mata pointed out that behind this situation, in addition to uncivil citizen behavior, is the general change that is taking place in the waste sector at an industrial level. There are many companies that see how managers have tightened the conditions to accept them and require them to classify and separate them depending on their dangerousness and characteristics.

This has made illegal dumping proliferate not only in Xàbia, but at a general level. In fact, the mayor points out, many of the cases that are being sanctioned are like this; companies (many of them not even from the municipality) that are dedicated to removals or cleaning, gardening or construction and leave bags with rubble, belongings or green industrial waste at the green points.

In view of this, remember that the Green Points are municipal facilities to facilitate the selective collection of urban waste of domestic origin, especially in the scattered, and that in no case is its use allowed to professionals who carry out a lucrative activity and much less generated in other municipalities. (the penalties are up to 750 euros).

The waste that can be deposited at the Punts Verds is the organic fraction, light packaging, paper and cardboard, glass, vegetable oil, clothing and footwear, and domestic garden waste. The rest must be taken to the Ecoparque (on the Camí de Les Sorts).

  1. Eva Blasco Pascual says:

    It was time to look for a solution to the rubbish they are all scattered around the field on the way to get tired, it is horrible
    Thank you

  2. Gui says:

    Because always more complicated!
    We'll have to go for the card!
    It is possible to lose!
    Or demagnetize!
    Or is it someone else in the family who doesn't have it!
    Or the opening system will not work!
    The result according to you?
    More possibilities of fires and rubbish worse than before!

  3. serge bernard says:

    If access is by card. The question of managing the badge with seasonal tenants will be complicated. The risk is that the badges are lost and at the beginning of the season and that, given the impossibility of depositing the waste in a green point, the tenants discreetly deposit it anywhere.
    My question is what is the level of information after the public about the organization and the places adapted to the different types of waste. How are residents and tourists informed?
    I suggest :
    1) evaluate the effectiveness of information on waste management in Jávea,
    2) severely punish offenders.

    • Eva Blasco Pascual says:

      It was time to look for a solution to the rubbish they are all scattered around the field on the way to get tired, it is horrible
      Thank you

  4. emilio echpare says:

    Fools. They don't give more of themselves.

  5. Verena says:

    I am a woman and older. White containers are not accessible. How do I get rid of a mattress or a table? It would have to be accessible by a ladder, such as by green waste. Please, before putting containers of that type, think about who lives there and uses said containers (or would like to use them). Thank you

  6. Erika says:

    Fence it seems absurd to me, those who take anything to deposit it there will throw it outside the fence...

  7. Neighbor Arenal says:

    Another great idea to fuck the citizens.
    Don't you know what's worse to fence it?
    If they close the green points it equals more shit in the streets and plots because people don't know where to throw it and in the end they throw it where they can.
    If in the end the remedy is worse than the disease.
    What is well done is to leave a manager in a green point and control it and not fence it, which will give us more problems for citizens when it comes to throwing two baskets of brush.
    As always, very bad management, I hope it will rectify it and return to the way it was before.
    Since this new company entered it is a total chaos and has very bad management, cheap is always expensive.
    Manual containers, containers with very tall white green dots and people do not come, they do not come to clean the streets and sidewalks with weeds, the streets smell very bad of dog piss, people and they are very disgusting in the face of summer and the town is a disaster, what the tourists will say when they see the abandonment that there is, surely they will no longer come to Jávea because of how dirty it is.