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«Xàbia, the government of half-truths»

November 02 from 2023 - 16: 26

It all started with a lie. It seemed like an American sitcom from the 90s in which the protagonist, caught red-handed, got out of bed with the sheets in his armpits and exclaimed, honey, it's not what it seems! People, of course, were laughing.

Something like this happened when Rosa Cardona (all my solidarity) insisted on saying that the tripartite was not a tripartite but two bipartites that had nothing to do with each other. That she (PP) had agreed with CpJ and with VOX but that between VOX and CpJ there was nothing because the contracting party of the first part was the contracting party of the first part. Do you understand it? Them neither.

The fact is that it was the saddest wedding in the world. There was no photo. Then came the AEMET alert and the false meeting of the emergency coordination center (CECOPAL). How would it be that one of the alleged assistants had to say that he was not there and forced (noise of running and chairs being thrown, we assume shouting over the phone) to edit the Facebook communications three or four times. The mayor (my solidarity, again) came out to explain it, she twisted logic's neck and it turned out even worse. So that we understand each other, it was something like if I said that I had been partying with Neymar and in the end it turned out that I only liked him on Instagram. With the aggravating factor that our safety was at stake.

The third on the forehead came with the Consell de Turisme. That was approved urgently, make way, make way! because-there-was-no-time-for-anything. It had to be done now because it was going to be called “immediately” to report the spills in the Arenal. Well, okay. And there it was approved with its share of thanks for the services provided by the tripartite, double bipartite... whatever. But was the Consell convened? No. Not immediately, not later, not ever. It was a cakewalk that ended in nothing. How it ended in nothing
report on the three closures of the Arenal, we are about to find out what is happening... little... little... little... and so the months and the balls of dust from the desert go by.

How the months go by without the contract of the CEO of Amjasa. This will sound less familiar to you. In short, the tripartite-double bipartite distributed an indecent amount of advisors (never happened before) to make the contract of the famous Advisor (or so they said). But four months later we are still composed and without a contract. We assume, however, that when it is resolved they will return to the opposition the legitimate representation that it received.
corresponds. And when they learn to add deadlines, they will return to the plenary session the power to vote on the million-dollar contracts that can now be discussed in the Government Board without debate, without journalists, without recordings and without questions.

We could continue, but there is a quote from Antonio Machado that sums it all up quite well: Did you tell half the truth? They'll say you're lying twice if you tell the other half.

J. Vicent Miralles
Councilor of the Socialist Municipal Group of Xàbia

  1. neighbor says:

    What an existence yours, J.Vicent Miralles, it depresses me a lot to think about it.
    Also giving lessons, you?, incredible, to piss and not leak.
    This is Jávea, a great example.

  2. fer says:

    Did you say half the truth? They will say you lie twice if you tell the other half.

    I'll say it to you, Vicent, and you can say it to Jose Chulvi

  3. Javier says:

    People who have been linked to the Cholbi government, which has squandered the natural wealth of Xabia to extremes that were not only unexpected, but also unnecessary. To earn money, a lot of money, and make the owners of Xabia (real estate and hospitality) earn a lot of money, there was no need to actively encourage this absolute degradation from the city council, which apparently Mr. Miralles is one of the very few people who does not perceive, perhaps because he was complicit in it, if not directly the driving force and responsible. In that palette and short-term mentality that has led Xabia to its current situation. Perhaps if Mr. Miralles recognized the mess, left-wing voters like myself would once again place their trust and their vote in the options that he represents. But the socialist left in Xabia only represents itself and the real estate and hospitality industry, and this industry does not need more defenders, it already defends itself, Mr. Miralles.

  4. left-wing duaner says:

    The local PSOE needs new leaders, for less than 90.000 euros, and also new writers, and new examples of action that can be credible.

  5. Quique says:

    I do not read comments on the article, but only "and your more", but the 100 days of courtesy have already passed and the city council team must show its face and begin to show what it does, if it does anything, which For now just blah, blah, blah.

    • Xabiera says:

      They have begun to clean Xabia, which had been abandoned. The agricultural roads are being cleaned of weeds and reeds, as is the road that borders the river, the Thivier park has been cleaned and the trees that had boring shit pruned, the sweeper passes through streets that it had never passed before, The roundabouts have been cleaned, they have work to do

  6. Teresa says:

    The truth is that Javea is getting worse and worse.
    And no one is interested in solving it
    “From miller you will change the lladre to five months”

  7. Pilotes says:

    Miralles, not even your friends are going to vote. I dedicated myself to poetry and let Rosa work

  8. Chunguitos to power says:

    A socialist from Jávea talking about a government that has been doing what they have done in recent years for months:
    •Burst sewers due to lack of maintenance.
    •The Crown destroyed by crazy chalets.
    •The PAI of portichol.
    •The mansions on La Sardinera destroying a protected area.
    •The auditorium.
    •The works of Thiviers.
    •The endless pool.
    •The works of the second Montañar that lasted a year.
    •The first Montañar that… anyway.
    •The works of the institute.
    •The dirt.
    •The asphalt.
    •The wonderful containers.
    •The lack of police.
    •The pandemic summer without police and with all the towns in Jávea.
    •The Ramblars fire that lasted months because it could not be put out (until the press appeared).
    •Two fires in two years that left us without two natural parks.

    You have to have them square.

  9. Amsaja says:

    The CEO's contract, which Amjasa's external audit forced him to do every year and his party, the majority of the council in the last two legislatures could not / did not want to do it. Why would it be? Why couldn't they deceive any of the other parties about the benefits of signing a contract for Bogama with clauses that only his party knew about? Because if a contract is signed, you have to know its clauses and, above all, clearly define what functions the CEO should have and not, as you said, "replace the president when he is not there." But chulvi went to all the meetings to get paid!

    • duaner says:

      Senyors of the PSoe of Xàbia, ha Hi has tried to wave, write, and not work.
      Miralles, Teua is entering politics.

      • Joel says:

        In the bakery, a photo of shame of the Ministers and the exalcala little house in the hut that everyone knows, now I walk tingly through Amjasa to the little house that everyone knows, another photo of shame that shows who is who Mr. MIRALLES, the psoe of xabia has a lot of silence, little ethics and little example, public money is not for private purposes.

      • duaner says:

        This is the opposition that Chulvi promoted. Little shame!!

    • Martin says:

      Concrete the path that goes to the hut, with public money, justifying that they are doing it for the good of Javea, since Amjasa does not pay, they even left planters in front of the hut.
      Everything so that when the thinking heads of Javea meet with Ximo and the Socialist Ministers, they do not stain their shoes.

      They blew the Coastal Law out of the park and cemented it with public money, what a shame and a lack of ethics.

    • Tere says:

      The minor Bogama has behaved like a Mr., he came with his motorcycle or car to Amjasa, the current manager does not know any other car than Amjasa's to come and go as he pleases, some say that they see it parked in Valencia some weekends week.

      I don't know if this is compatible with his position in a public company, but it is not at all ethical.