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Xàbia celebrates the festivities in honor of Santa Bárbara and Santa Llúcia

Start date: December 03th 2023
Finish date: November 13th 2023
Event type: Party
Event finished

With the arrival of the month of December, Xàbia immerses itself in the festivities in honor of Santa Bárbara and Santa Llúcia. Festivities that begin this Sunday, December 3 (Santa Bárbara) and continue on Tuesday, December 12 and Wednesday, December 13, dedicated to Santa Llúcia.

The programming of these holidays has been organized by the mayorales and mayoralesas of Santa Llúcia of 2023: Juan Bas Benlloch, Antonio Bolufer Ribes, Juan Antonio Catalá Soler, Loreto Espasa Buigues, Gaspar Cruañes Bolufer, Luis Pons Buigues, Clara Vallés Sapena, Vicenta Bas Benlloch, María Francisca Bolufer Ribes, Pascual Chorro Cabrera, Elvira Escortell Bou, Ximo Gavilá Cervera, María José Ribes Serrat.

El Sunday, December 3 It will be the festival dedicated to Santa Barbara in the Church of St. Bartholomew.

El December 12, the festivities will do the traditional cridà to the festival starting at 19:30 p.m. with a parade accompanied by music in which they will distribute coca maría and mistela. When passing through Santa Llúcia street there will be a small offering in the niche of the image and a fireworks will be fired.

For Saint Llúcia's Day, December 13, the day will begin with a wake-up call at 08:00 a.m. and at 10:00 a.m., the authorities and revelers will leave from the St. Bartholomew Church, in pilgrimage, until Hermitage of Santa Llúcia and Santa Bárbara, where a mass will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m.

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  1. Incomprehensible says:

    Let's go!
    There's less left until every day of the year is a party!!