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Xàbia warms up for the Fogueres de Sant Joan 2024 specials: presentation of the book and news in the programming

May 22 from 2024 - 15: 13

The presentation of the "awaited" Fogueres de Sant Joan Xàbia 2024 festival book has arrived. The event took place, this afternoon, in the plenary hall of the Town hall, with the assistance of the 2024 officials: queens Ángela Tachó and Claudia García, the ladies Nahir Sánchez and Nerea Vidal and the children Lucía Bisquert and Gisela Devesa, and the presidents of the Quintà, Júlia Roselló and Jaime Valverde, and the Youth Commission , Lucas Mata and Laura
Sánchez, as well as family members and municipal authorities; the mayor Rosa Cardona, the councilor for Fiestas, Mavi Pérez and the representatives of the Fogueres Commission, Carmen Andrés and David Cordero.

With this presentation, the beginning of the festivities is almost marked. There are barely two weeks left to kick off these special festivities that this 2024, from June 7 to 24, commemorate the 75th anniversary. During the presentation, the program of activities was revealed, which this year includes several new features and special events.

Details of the party program

Les Fogueres de Sant Joan Xàbia 2024 will have traditional events such as the plantà and the cremà of the bonfires, parades, orchestras, bous al carrer and pyrotechnic shows. However, this year's edition introduces several new features and special events. Among them, a photographic exhibition that covers the seven and a half decades of history of the Fogueres, several concerts with performances by Macaco, Xavi Sarrià, The Tyets and the last concert by Arsènic, as he says goodbye to the stages in Xàbia.

But in these special festivities there will also be events dedicated to the representatives of the 75 years: a day dedicated to them with a parade, serenade and colorful mascletà. In addition, there will be two days of offering, two days of floats and three presentations: two proclamations; the children's and the Quintà and the commemorative event for the 75th anniversary.

New arrivals

And as news, in the complete party program, the celebration of some parades are relocated during the day, moving the visit of sectors to the first days of the festivities, as well as the night of concerts, "this change is in principle due to being able to reorganize the extensive program of festivities of this 75 anniversary, but if you like it, because not all the parades are held in the last few days, it is possible that it will stay," said Carmen Andrés.

On the other hand, the Quintaes parade is eliminated and the act of offering, both days, will be presided over by the image of Jesus the Nazarene, together with Saint John.

"As with the 50th anniversary, we have started a conversation with the Brotherhood of the Nazarene and they will lower the image in pilgrimage so that it can be present these days of the Fogueres festivities presiding over the act of offering," said Mavi Pérez, who added that " Although it is not included in the festival program, we will announce the day and time in which the pilgrimage event will take place so that the entire town can attend.

Likewise, there will also be an exhibition of the history of the festivals in Ca Lambert scheduled for early June. «We have recovered photos and videos of the 75 years of the Fogueres festivities, a treasure that was kept in the drawers; and we will show this to all the people," said Mavi Pérez.

The mayor of Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, has highlighted the relevance of this anniversary, underlining the role of les Fogueres, "a town festival that maintains traditions and is about going out into the streets and enjoying each and every one of the events." ».

For their part, Queen Àngela Tachó and the presidents of the Quintà, Jaime Valverde and Júlia Roselló, have expressed satisfaction with the book and have expressed their eagerness for their holidays to arrive.

Both the Fogueres Commission and the City Council have thanked all the companies in Xàbia for their collaboration in making it possible for these festivities to go ahead.

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