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Xàbia approves a modification of almost one million euros to be able to finish the pool

04 September 2023 - 09: 13

The full Javea Town Hall unanimously approved the increase in the cost of the pool for an amount of 922.530 euros, which raises the cost of the same to 5,7 million euros. In plenary session, the Councilor for Town Planning and Works, Pere Sapena, explained that a modification of the initial project was approved that has not led to an extension of the completion period of the works that follow in the terms provided in the contract.

In addition, he stressed that from now on, the City Council will pay this modification as established by law, as well as the amounts that were pending. "Our will is to finish the pool and start it up," said the mayor of Town Planning.

At this point, the councilor of the PSPV, Alberto Tur, affirmed that the pool "is a project that began in the previous legislature" and that "the modified one was closed at the end of the last legislature." He, too, was confident that Xàbia will have a "modern, comfortable and efficient pool".

Given this, the Town Planning councilor added that in the previous legislature "it was approved to authorize the construction manager to draw up the modified credit" and recalled that when the new team arrived at the government they found an invoice of more than 300.000 euros pending. of payment and without budget consignment. An invoice that with the efforts made by the Urban Planning and Treasury team it was possible to pay in part.

Sapena noted that "the increases allowed by the Central Government decree in relation to raw materials after the Ukraine war approved in 2022" had not been paid either. An increase in costs that will be paid with the credit modification that was approved a few weeks ago.

  1. Lau says:

    When is it expected to open?

  2. Luis says:

    Please, can someone, other than Chulvi, tell me how much the maintenance of the crazy pool costs monthly?

    Spending on electricity and water, telephones and various services…more salaries for the winners who already have
    stuck his paw inside.

    Thank you

    By the way, not having made an underground car park, incomprehensible. But of course, the politicians don't know that the area is totally impossible to park NOW, I won't tell you anything when the matter starts to work.

  3. Save says:

    What a way to pull the money.
    Without an underground parking?
    Approach of incapable?
    Socialist chaos achieved!
    Then placing some henchmen on the roster?
    The nightmare continues...